Wear your ruby shoes.

“Wear your ruby shoes, when you’re far away,
so you’ll always stay, home in your heart”.

I am writing this post for all to enjoy,
but for me it is especially for just one person.
My daughter who left home last week.

Sweetheart I wish you Love and Happiness where ever you go.
Enjoy yourself,
And always remember to wear your Ruby shoes!

This post was inspired by The Mad Hatters.
Every Friday they post “something for the weekend”. I was sitting back this morning and listening to this weeks choices and this song and post came to mind.

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23 thoughts on “Wear your ruby shoes.

    1. Ah its not too bad. I cant say I was brilliant at the airport, but my family mostly take after their dad, (hearts of stone!), so they only laugh at me. I do miss her though but its okay. I still have three left and that other fella I married! Its all ahead of you! 🙂

  1. one of my favourite poems, tric, that I think perfectly captures a mother’s love for her bairns –

    THE BAIRNIES cuddle doon at nicht
    Wi’ muckle faught an’ din;
    “Oh try and sleep, ye waukrife rogues,
    Your faither’s comin’ in.”
    They never heed a word I speak; 5
    I try to gie a froon,
    But aye I hap them up an’ cry,
    “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon.”

    Wee Jamie wi’ the curly heid—
    He aye sleeps next the wa’— 10
    Bangs up an’ cries, “I want a piece;”
    The rascal starts them a’.
    I rin an’ fetch them pieces, drinks,
    They stop awee the soun’,
    Then draw the blankets up an’ cry, 15
    “Noo, weanies, cuddle doon.”

    But, ere five minutes gang, wee Rab
    Cries out, frae ’neath the claes,
    “Mither, mak’ Tam gie ower at ance,
    He ’s kittlin’ wi’ his taes.” 20
    The mischief’s in that Tam for tricks,
    He ’d bother half the toon;
    But aye I hap them up and cry,
    “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon.”

    At length they hear their faither’s fit, 25
    An’, as he steeks the door,
    They turn their faces to the wa’,
    While Tam pretends to snore.
    “Hae a’ the weans been gude?” he asks,
    As he pits aff his shoon; 30
    “The bairnies, John, are in their beds,
    An’ lang since cuddled doon.”

    An’ just afore we bed oorsels,
    We look at our wee lambs;
    Tam has his airm roun’ wee Rab’s neck, 35
    And Rab his airm round Tam’s.
    I lift wee Jamie up the bed,
    An’ as I straik each croon,
    I whisper, till my heart fills up,
    “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon.” 40

    The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht
    Wi’ mirth that ’s dear to me;
    But soon the big warl’s cark an’ care
    Will quaten doon their glee.
    Yet, come what will to ilka ane, 45
    May He who rules aboon
    Aye whisper, though their pows be bald,
    “Oh, bairnies, cuddle doon.”

    1. Oh this is lovely. I struggled with some of the words but most of it I got on second reading. It is so true of any parent settling their little ones at bedtime, especially those of us who remember sharing beds and rooms. And the big picture is of course it is over all too soon. Thanks Duncan.

    2. I have re read this tonight and am really enjoying it.. But on re reading I still have no words for “ilka ane,? I love this so much. Thanks again Duncan.

  2. How is your daughter doing? How are you doing? I know she is missing home every night, my first month away from home I never felt homesick till I was getting ready for bed and they weren’t there to say goodnight to.

    Love this quote about the shoes by the way! 🙂

    1. I love this quote since I first heard this song, My daughter is very happy and settling in great, thank you. She is not as soft as her mum so will hopefully not be too lonely. Her little sister is probably what she will miss most.

  3. I have a pair of red sneakers that my husband calls my “ruby slippers.” Sweet piece.

    1. Thank you. I think a song or a poem can often capture so much. I love the idea of having ruby shoes or even slippers!

  4. Thanks a mil tric. This is truly a wonderful post, straight from heart, and importantly, something many of us (parents) would appreciate. When my daughter left for college (which is only 35 minutes driving distance from our home in Massachusetts) for the first time, we had felt the same too….and we do feel the same every time. The lines are beautiful, and so is the whole song. I am adding it here, hope you won’t mind. It’s from Love & Happiness Lyrics by Mark Knopfler. Have a good one!

    Here’s a wishing well, here’s a penny
    for any thought it is that makes you smile
    Every diamond dream, everything that brings
    Love and happiness to your life

    Here’s a rabbit’s foot, take it when you go
    So, you’ll always know you’re safe from harm
    Wear your ruby shoes when you’re far away
    So, you’ll always stay home in your heart

    You will always have a lucky star
    That shines because of what you are
    Even in the deepest dark because your aim is true
    And if I could only have one wish, darlin’ then
    It would be this, love and happiness for you

    Here’s a spinning wheel, use it once you’ve learned
    There’s a way to turn the straw to gold
    Here’s a rosary, count on every bead
    With a prayer to keep the hope you hold

    You will always have a lucky star
    That shines because of what you are
    Even in the deepest dark because your aim is true
    And if I could only have one wish, darlin’ then
    It would be this, love and happiness for you

    And if I could only have one wish, darlin’ then
    It would be this, love and happiness for you


    1. I love the lyrics and it is lovely to see them written down. I was tempted to use one of the youtube clips with the lyrics but I did really like this one so went with it. Now you have provided the lyrics so it’s a win win! Thanks again, and well down on your 10,000 views for May. The word is out.

      1. Thanks a lot tric. I do appreciate your support since my entry in the blogosphere. It’s true that you are one of my first positive connections within the blogging world, who encouraged me and became role models to me. So thanks a lot for all that support, that I shall always remember. Best Regards -Deo

  5. I’ll be able to relate to this in August when my daughter leaves for college. She won’t be too far away, but it’ll still be different. I can also relate to your emotions, oh so well! Great post!

    1. Those days are only a heartbeat away from me, some days closer than yesterday, but gone they are. They were trying though I still remember that. It wasn’t all “love and happiness” I can tell you! Enjoy.

        1. Both! You have at last time to breathe, no waking babies, etc, but you now spend your time holding your breath hoping they are okay! However as their personalities evolve they become great company and that is the most fantastic part of your future. It is for me anyway.

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