My Kids Are still Laughing!

Yes it is a great source of mirth in my house,
but thanks to mummyshymz I have been rightfully presented with this award!

The award was designed and created by atlantamumofthree

beautiful-mama-blog-award1 (1)

I have seen these “awards” on other sites,
and have chuckled,
realizing they are just blogging equivalent of a chain letter.
I also have felt they discriminate against men.

That was before I was nominated!
Now I don’t care.
Somebody loves me.
Someone really reads my blog.

But it has presented me with so many difficulties!
As I sat at my laptop to nominate my fellow moms,
I realized,
that my blog really reflected my own life.
I seem to radiate to men!

However when I looked to those I regularly read or follow,
it turned out to be easy enough.

I also have to give three things I love about motherhood.
Well I believe in honesty so here goes.

1. Bedtime.
Job done for the day.
I always love my kids most when I see them asleep!
2. End of holidays.
Oh joy, four kids and multiple friends all holiday,
now I get to miss them at last!
3. Finally, the best part of motherhood,
I love loving and being loved!

Now to the main issue.
I am new to blogging.
How the hell do I get that picture onto my blog??
And then to nominate more moms,
That would mean linking them using just their blog title,
not http///%*psv”””etc!

Luckily I am very clever and many hours and failed attempts later,
here are the sites I enjoy,
who so happen to be moms!


daily life of us

be his mother



Now I’ve boasted enough,
and supported my fellow bloggers,
I’ll post my real post later!

16 thoughts on “My Kids Are still Laughing!

  1. Wow! I am so touched by the nomination – especially as in think your blog is so awesome ( I have recommended you several times already). Got to love this blogging community 🙂 x

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination. And tell your kids to stop laughing..have they seen my gravatar? Anyway, I’ll be honored to select nominees and pass this new award on…I think it’s a great one! Congrats on your nomination..and by the way, of course we read your posts. They are always so wonderful and I enjoy them immensely!

  3. Thank you, girlie…Wisdom From The Sisterhood is also Autism Sparkles. I have tried to fix it but it won’t fix, LOL. Love the nomination and that you visit us :). Carry on the remarkable writing you do!! Love your blog ❤

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