More than a memory.

I knew Daniels anniversary would be sad. I knew these weeks would be difficult. I have thought about it, and I was prepared. We would be there to support his family and to be of comfort. We would get through. That was before I called to my friends house and she put a white envelope … More More than a memory.

Feckin onions.

We all wear masks. We lie every day, even to our loved ones, and often they know we are lying. It is easier that way. Today I stood making dinner as the sun beamed in the window. I could see my husband outside working in the garden and my kids were around the house doing … More Feckin onions.

Living in the past.

I am finding it impossible to write. My block is not because I’m too busy, nor because I have no ideas to put on paper. It is because my thoughts are elsewhere. This weekend last year Daniel came home for the fist time since leaving four months earlier for a bone marrow transplant . There … More Living in the past.

When a heart grieves, time moves to a different beat.

‘   Today I was driving home, with some shopping in the car, when without conscious thought I found myself driving in the opposite direction. The sun, which had been rare all morning, was shining, and the village looked at it’s best. I knew where I was going. I needed to call up to Daniel. … More When a heart grieves, time moves to a different beat.

Daniel’s Story

I have begun a new category on the blog. It is the story of  Daniel, or as he was better known on this blog, ‘The young warrior’. You can check it out in the category on my header ‘Daniels story’.  Today as I went back over my posts on Daniel, I was amazed to read … More Daniel’s Story


In my house, in my kitchen, on the dresser, there is a photograph. It is a photo given to me, of a group of friends and I, all dressed up, on a night away, a few short years ago. I look at that photo and I see…. Before. Before Daniel got sick. Before that awful … More Before.