Listen up, I have a secret.

I knew it. I have felt it for years and now I have proof.
I am special!

I have tried telling my family for the longest time, but all I have got from them is groans. They are unwillingphoto credit: <a href="">stereotyp-0815</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a> to believe it. However now it’s official. I have something that many have tried to find to no avail. I have thought about anonymity but decided against it. Tonight I will share my “secret” with you but after this I expect to be in demand. I may even have to move to a secret location.

You may wonder am I unwell today, or have I in fact been at the wine a little too early? No I am sober as can be. So let me explain.

Yesterday I received a phone call from the blood bank. I felt a little defensive when the nice lady asked me was I thinking of giving blood again soon, as it is over three months since I last donated, and my guilty conscience sprang into action. I informed the kind lady, via an outburst of guilt led verbal diarrhoea, that I was late donating, because my life had been very busy, but that I knew that was no excuse, and I was honestly going to donate blood next Wednesday, and how sorry I was. Eventually I paused for breath and the bored nice lady got to speak.

She asked me would I be available to give blood this Friday morning. I thought for a minute and could not remember any thing at all that might be happening this Friday. However, knowing my dodgy memory, I asked her could I not come in next Wednesday as planned, as I was unsure if I was free this Friday. It was then she revealed my secret. These are her words…

“We were hoping you would come in this Friday morning as you have in fact blood which is very suitable for young babies”.

There. Can you believe it? You heard correctly. I have young blood. Put simply I am the secret of eternal youth!

Oh how I have enjoyed knowing this fact. I was able to look my young, pretty twenty two year old daughter in the eye and say, “Behind this face, you and I are like sisters”.
I have asked my husband, if in fact the blood bank use his blood for the elderly?
I have smiled at that face looking back at me in the mirror, which has laughter lines and a head of hair recently dyed a shade of purple, and I have said to it, “you are young at heart”. In fact as the day has passed I have even begun to notice myself getting younger by the minute. The years are falling off credit: <a href="">Fifth World Art</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

As you can imagine, I’m still trying to come to terms with this revelation. I am determined to remain grounded and will do my best to continue with “old” friendships. However I do anticipate, as the word gets out, that I may be more inclined to want to be with the younger more beautiful people of this world. Even this blog may have to take a back seat as I begin to guest post with beauty bloggers, and make friends with celebrities.

However in the short term I will continue to write here as often as possible. Most of you were friends of mine when you believed I was normal, so the least I can do is keep in touch.

I am definitely not selfish, so tomorrow morning I will, as requested, donate my youthful blood to the little babies in Ireland who need it over the weekend. However a thought crosses my mind. Am I the only one with this gift of eternal youth?

Maybe you who are reading this tonight should consider donating blood as soon as possible. Who knows you too may discover just how special you are by doing so

***** On a more serious note when young Dan was diagnosed with Leukemia at twelve years of age, we, his family and friends formed a queue wanting to be tested to see if we were a bone marrow match for him. That is not the way it works and none of his family were matches although a stranger to us all, a young American girl was. Β Many of us then did the next best thing, we became blood donors and some even Β became platelet donors.
For months towards the end of Dans young life he received blood and platelet transfusions every day. Without these there is no doubt that Dan Β would have died without being given the chance to fight.

Tomorrow I will make a difference to someones life.

Please think about it. Give blood. No more excuses, just do it. It’s not every day you get to save a life.

photo credit: Fifth World Art via photopin cc

photo credit: stereotyp-0815 via photopin cc

30 thoughts on “Listen up, I have a secret.

  1. I was not surprised that you are special. I already knew it. And that is a super power you have. And your reminder to give blood and the reasons we should, was super wonderful. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve only just made the leap to WordPress and found your blog, but to be honest I’d probably have liked it even before you were special….

    1. Welcome to WordPress. Thanks for checking my blog out, and for arriving on the very day I reveal my big secret! πŸ™‚

    1. I have a few friends who are in the same boat. Can you imagine the gloating I did yesterday! I wonder how unsafe your blood really is. It seems a bit extreme.

  3. and therein lies your natural gift to give back for all of the young people you have lost in your life, with no way to help, and now with all you will save, with your life blood that will help many – the universe is amazing.

    1. Yes I agree. Every time I give blood I hear from others the reasons they give blood. Many have stories like I have. It is good to go there and remember how often Dan had transfusions, and I feel happier after.

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