Is life passing you by?

Are you someone who lives life? Do you actually enjoy it? Appreciate it?
Or are you someone who lets life slip by,
forgetting we do not get a second chance?photo credit: Berenice Decados via photopin cc

My Dad was in his early fifties when he died of Motor Neurone Disease. Gone before his time.
As a nurse I regularly saw those who had to prepare to leave family and friends too soon.
Some were lucky enough to get the chance to plan, and say goodbye, but others left suddenly, gone in a moment,
leaving a stunned family behind.
A family who had always thought, that something like that only happened to others.

In recent years I have known friends, who have lost parents and partners,
and last year two mothers who lost children.
Two beautiful boys, one aged six, the other thirteen, gone before their time.

Recently one of these families traveled to Dublin.
It was a special day, but also a very difficult one.
They were returning to the Ronald McDonald house, which had been their parents home for over five months,
while young Daniel, was fighting leukemia, with everything he had.
Sadly this time they were returning for the first time, without Daniel.

The reason for the visit was to view as a family “Daniels Room”.
The plaque outside the door said quite simply,photo credit: Yersinia via photopin cc

“Daniel’s Room”
For your Resilience, Courage, and Character.
It is an inspiration to us all.
From the Family and Friends of Daniel Crowley.

Each time I look at the picture of that plaque, my heart goes cold as I remember,
it really happened. Dan did not make it.

The other day I was visiting an elderly gentleman, a tremendous character.
He is in good health at eighty seven years of age, but as he walked me out, with the aid of a stick,
he said to me, “Growing old is terrible”.
I looked at him and said, “I know it is, but not getting the chance to is even worse”.

Tonight as I write, I miss young Dan, and especially mourn all he might have been.
I miss his smile, his laugh and hearing what mischief he got up to this week.
I am sad to think a plaque, and a trophy are now bearing his name,
and that he never got the chance to grow old and have a future.

However the one thing Daniel did very well was live every day to the max.
He taught us all that lesson, and despite his loss, and the sadness many feel,
we will, I have no doubt, live a better life because of him.

So when I wake on a Summers morning and hear the rain,
or look at my house and lament that it is like a tip,
when I feel dissatisfied, and fed up,
or listen to friends moan and whinge about very little,
I give myself a shake, look around at my children, husband, and home,
and say to myself, “open your eyes and really see all that you have, you are one lucky lady!”

Tonight I will share a little toast, wherever you are,
Glasses raised
“To Daniel. To life”.

photo credit: Berenice Decados via photopin cc
photo credit: Yersinia via photopin cc

24 thoughts on “Is life passing you by?

  1. Tric I have been thinking of you this week, and your lovely friend Daniel that I know only through your writing. I got my son’s bloods tested this week, originally for Iron levels but I told them to test for everything they could. Then I waited for the results. Everything is clear…. I am a lucky Mama, and I will cuddle him extra close for a very long time. Tomorrow I want to do something special with my lovely kids because I remind myself I am so lucky to have them

    1. Oh Naomi, what a worrying wait. Even though anything serious is so rare, because our children mean more to us than anything, the fear of something being wrong is terrifying. So glad all was okay.
      I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, enjoying your children, and life.

      1. Thanks Lorna and Tric, in fact the biggest worry was when I came out of a school meeting last night to see I had missed a call from the doctor!!! All was fine in the end thankfully although I still don’t know why the kid is so tired all the time, going to get his eyes tested next

    2. Has he been tested for glandular fever? I ask because a neighbour was v worried about her 10 yo son about 4 years ao and he was being tested for everything. I remembered my brother having glandular fever when he was about 13 and happened to say it to her. It was another 3 months though before it was confirmed. They were really worried – were thinking all sorts. It took a few months for him to get back to normal energy levels.

  2. It’s about being thankful for the little things too isn’t it? My daughter has had a really busy week and was feeling a bit overwhelmed tonight. As she cuddled down in bed with a favourite book, she said to me ‘I just can’t imagine life without books, I feel so happy when I’m reading’. She likes imagining living in Narnia, Hogwarts and Malory Towers!

    1. Ah the simple things in life. I see so many who miss these little moments, that children are particularly good at recognising. That’s probably why they are so happy so often.

  3. Lovely to see the Ronald MacDonald house mentioned. My x 2 sister in laws lived there for 3 years when their daughter was in Crumlin. They would have been lost without it! They are now all thankfully home!great post Tric xx

    1. It is an amazing charity and without it life would have been unbearable for them, as they really couldn’t leave the hospital for those five months.
      I am delighted to hear all worked out well for your niece. I am sure they are appreciating all they have!

  4. Beautiful post, Tric and such a sweet tribute to Daniel. It is obvious that although his time was cut short, he touched many people and taught many lessons while he was here.

  5. He is an inspiration. I have a disease, that is shortening my lifespan. I see it every day. But the more I look at it, the less I see of everything else. I need to get out and see, and do, laugh and cry, do things that would make my mother cringe, but all in all, I need to live the life I have to the fullest every day, because I don’t, and neither does anyone else, know what day is going to be their last here on earth. I do not fear death, for I do know what lies beyond it. Live your life to the fullest, do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, live your life to the fullest, as though each one might be your last.

    1. Thanks so much. Today I spent time at his grave with his mom planting flowers, and it was so so so sad. To be planting flowers on a young boys grave in the sunshine, when the soccer club are having a fun day!
      Life can be very trying at times as I know you know.

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