Thoughts on writing.

Do you ever wish there were no stats on wordpress, and no like button.
Imagine just writing a post where your only feedback was comments.
Where your popularity was a number you could only imagine.

Would that change what you write?
Maybe this is such a post?

20 thoughts on “Thoughts on writing.

    1. Hahaha. I love it. Sometimes I forget about stats especially when I’m busy or in a real writing mood, but sometimes I look at them and I wonder do I care?
      I’m still not sure of the answer.

  1. I do wish there were more comments made, but perhaps there are times others dont know what to say back, which is why I dont comment more. So, at least if I hit like, you know I was there. 😉

    1. Yes I agree. Although sometimes I read a post and don’t press like because i want to go back to comment, but then time gets in the way.
      I read your post about an hour ago and couldn’t comment, but I’m on my way back.
      Hope you are okay? That was a tough one for you x

      1. I do the same thing. I may like a post and think about it a bit and then go back and comment.
        Thanks for reading mine. I’ve thought about taking it down because it is so raw, but then maybe one person will read it and stop and think before they say something so hurtful. I’m just too sensitive!

        1. No you are not too sensitive. You were spot on and that insensitive fool had no clue what it is to grieve.
          I do hope you keep it online. I think it says a lot.

  2. i’ve had that thought and don’t think i’d change what i write at all, but like you, i do look at them sometimes and i’m not exactly sure why.

  3. I wonder who first said success could be defined by numbers. I prefer to guage my success by the grin on my face each time I complete a post. Oh yeah! Done and done! That gives me more satisfaction than how many people did or did not like my efforts. But I think each of us has a different motive for blogging. That may determine how we view our stats.

  4. I don’t pay attention to stats at all. The number of followers? It helps me find other blogs of interest. I hit the like and don’t comment and I’m not sure why. Most times it is because I can’t find the correct comment to use. I would continue to write as I do.

  5. I know without a doubt that if I “knew” more people were reading (obviously by their comments) then I would write more often. I wish I would get more comments. It’s very frustrating to me to find out I have a new follower only to find out they are trying to sell something.

    1. Oh I hate that too, or someone who has some sort of way of ‘liking’ a post as soon as it’s published but you know they haven’t read it.
      I tried to google to find out why you can’t ‘like’ my posts but I couldn’t sort it.
      Maybe your computer just doesn’t like me. 🙂

  6. I think the Like button is one of the best features of wordpress

    I view it as a calling card and a placemarker

    if someone visits madhatters but doesn’t comment, I have no way of knowing who they are – they are just a statistic

    if they click they Like button, however, I can follow them back to their own blog and like or comment on one of their posts if it interests me – and perhaps, thereby, starting a ‘conversation’

    also, sometimes I read a blog post and don’t comment because I don’t think I can add anything to what has already been said or I simply don’t have the time or opportunity to leave a comment (e.g., I’m at work) but I want the writer of the blog to know I haven’t abandoned them – I might not have left a comment but I want them to know I’m still reading their blog

    another use I have for the Like button is as a placemarker. I often read several new blogs during breaks at work and think I would like to leave a comment later when I’m at home. Rather than switching on my work laptop when I get home and then backtracking through the browser history to find the blog I wanted to comment on, it is much quicker and easier just to go to wordpress reader on my own laptop and check my activity record and posts I have liked to see immediately the post(s) I was planning to comment on

    1. Yes Duncan I’ve begun to use that ‘Posts I’ve liked’ to go back to to comment since you told me about it.
      I do think a lot of bloggers do not misuse the like button, I suppose I was wondering what it would be like to write with no real feedback bar comments. Would that change how often, or what I write?
      Probably not, but occasionally when I look at my stats I wonder why am I doing so and I ask myself these questions.

  7. My writing wouldn’t change and the comments I do receive, I am grateful for…I’m also fine with the “likes” and truly believe that some people are not sure what to write or simply don’t have the time. Blogging is fun but it does take time so I completely understand and am happy with anyone stopping by for a peek. 🙂 I just hope whether it’s a short or long visit that they can take away something they truly enjoyed or resonated with…:)

    1. I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time and I can tell you I always enjoy them or take something from them which stays with me.
      I’m not sure if I would write differently or more or less if I knew no one was reading, or got no interaction. I do like the ‘likes’ although it is comments I really enjoy.

  8. Oh. If I had a $1 for every like. lol
    On the other hand, I love the like button myself because sometimes when you read a post, you have no comment to offer but you wish to acknowledge that you’ve been there. 🙂

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