Would you like to go viral?

What do you want from your blog? Do you want it to provide an income or is it a hobby? Do you plan your posts or open your dashboard and write whatever comes to mind. Do you dream of going viral?

I am wondering this as I sit here tonight. If I were to answer my own questions I would say my blog is a hobby, with no commercial value of any sort. I open my laptop and write whatever my fingers type, to no particular schedule.

As for going viral I always wondered what that would feel like. On occasions my posts here have taken off and I got the message ‘your stats are booming’. It certainly gave me a thrill but it was only a wordpress boom, certainly not equivalent to anything like a facebook viral.photo credit: Click Distribution via photopin (license)

Now you may be reading this and wondering if I’m about to tell you I went viral over the weekend, well sorry to say I did not. But am I really sorry? ย No, because this weekend I discovered I have no desire to ‘go viral’.

You see over the weekend I did something online I’ve never done before, something many of you here know I have wanted to do for a long time but have been unable to; I published a post of mine about abuse on facebook. It was the one I wrote last week called, ‘What is life like after abuse?’ It was intensely personal, something I’ve no real problem writing about here among my wordpress buddies, but definitely not comfortable revealing to the world of facebook. By putting it up I was letting those in my life, who do not know about my past, discover it for the first time. It also meant it could be seen by not only those I care about and am friends with, but also others who I barely know. However it was a hurdle I really wanted to jump and so I did.

The result was amazing. Within no time at all so many made contact, by facebook, private message and text. It was a little bit daunting as having posted I wanted it to die a death, but minutes, hours and days passed and the messages continued to flow in. I can’t say I got used to the messages arriving, or found the support easy to take, but it was humbling to know so many took the time to make contact with me, to care how I was, and to congratulate me on taking that step.

As well as those lovely messages I also received some from others who had been abused. Those messages were special because I know how difficult it was to actually write and send them. I wont say too much about them here today, as they were sent in confidence, except to say having read them I began to see how important it is to see such posts on facebook. Even though we know so many have been abused almost all of us keep it to ourselves. It’s private and sometimes without meaning to we associate private with secret or shame. Those messages told me I’d made a difference, all I’d really wanted to do.

It is now five days since I posted. The comments have mostly died down and the limelight has thankfully moved in another direction. While it wasn’t exactly a ‘viral’ post it did make me think. I love my blog. I love writing in it and others reading. ย I am more than happy with my ย announcements occasionally from wordpress that my ‘stats are booming’, but the big time is not for me.

Don’t get me wrong it is always a delight to read my stats daily and see quite a number reading from all over the world. However what really thrills me most, is that the majority of you chose to read my writings rather than stumble upon them by accident, you ‘know’ me and take the time to regularly connect. So I’ll stick with what I’m doing and tap away here for another while, in relative obscurity, more than happy to leave the world of viral posts to others.

If you stumbled upon this post and have read thus far hoping to figure out how to go viral I apologise, but I do have one piece of advice… join facebook, where you will not find this particular post.

photo credit: Click Distribution via photopin (license)
photo credit: Smarties / Schokolinsen via photopin (license)

28 thoughts on “Would you like to go viral?

  1. I would dread going viral. The close-knit friends I have here are the most beautiful and unexpected gifts of blogging. I find by the time I post and read other’s posts, and answer comments, it’s enough time invested and not being able to keep up would and has in the past, stressed me out. That being said, when you share something that can help others, my word, what a gift that is…to offer hope, understanding, compassion. Life is filled with balance, and when it comes to blogging or other social mediums, it really is something whereby balance has to be implemented. Huge hugs. It is a great topic to consider for sure.

    1. Thank you. Yes blogging is a great platform in itself and the ripples of our posts can influence, amuse or annoy those who read them. It’s more than enough for me too.

  2. Most people think that going viral means automatic success. But most to most of us we don’t write in our blogs to go viral, we do it to educate and inform others of what people are afraid to say or write. It’s just our own method of expressionism and that’s what makes our sites beautiful. Even if our post do go viral and ended the next day, most of us would be back here tomorrow writing our hearts out as always. Great Post!

    1. Yes you are right. Most of the bloggers I read regularly would enjoy their moment in the sun, or not, as may be the case, but return as normal. Good point.

  3. I wouldn’t like to ‘go viral’ for any post. I haven’t got the time I’d need and I don’t think I’d fancy having to communicate with strangers (not folk here on WP, this is almost like family). I wouldn’t mind finishing my book and it finding success ๐Ÿ˜‰ although I even wonder then if I’d cope. I’m too anti-social I think. :/

    1. Haha. Me too. i sometimes think of the book I’ve yet to write and wimp out saying I’d not like to be known, but I suppose we’d get over that if our books took off. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have you much written?

      1. I’m dreadful, Tric. I did fifty odd thousand on each of two books during the last two Nano Novembers and every time I think of how much work I still have to do on making them reader worthy I’m overwhelmed. I’m now just going with making them me worthy in the hope that I’ll actually finish one of them. :/ I remember speaking to you about the editing process and how it’s a different skill set. It so is. Not sure I’ve got it! My fourteen year old daughter said to me th other night, ‘Why not leave the novels alone and put together a poetry book?’ I must have written about two thousand since joining WP and most of them are on here doing hee-haw. I might go with her advice and let the books languish a while. Then again, I might just be looking for an excuse to do just that. Why do we do it, eh?

        1. Publishing those poems would be a great idea and the experience invaluable.
          What a pity not to go the final hurdle with your finished works but I think I’m your sister. I too would find that daunting.
          Did you ever think of polishing the first few chapters and send them to agents?

  4. I have no desire to go viral I am quiet happy to stay in my bubble and blog about whatever i want without having to worry about other peoples expectations and opinions. I want people to read it obviously I just don’t want everyone and their mother reading it lol its a hobby for me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i loved that Facebook post, your honest bravery, the positive support, and know this will help many others, who may, or may not, share their stories.

  6. A lovely reflection, Tric, and congratulations on being brave and reaching out. Congratulations also on finding what works for you and acknowledging that. If blogging is about relationships, the breadth of the blog isn’t as important as the depth. How many followers can one truthfully engage with anyway? What would you do with 10,000 followers? Yikes! So enjoy and just love what you do.

    1. I’ve been blogging three years consistently and finally know just how comfortable I am with where my blog is in my life and online. Imagine a huge following? I can barely keep up with comments as it is!

  7. Go you! What a giant step! What guts it took do something so far out of your comfort zone. I envy you having that courage! As far as going viral…I’m quite happy with my tiny little piece of the Internet and only one person in my family knows I blog..none of my acquaintances know. In fact, nobody knows me like my blogging family does and that’s ok. I like it like that just fine!

    1. Yes Deb I can understand how readers would know you better than those beside you. Keeping your blog quiet allows that support because you can be yourself. Happy blogging Deb.

  8. I’m so glad you got a positive result from posting on Facebook – I confess that I felt unable to read your post about abuse for personal reasons, but I’m glad that it helped you and others too.

    Coincidentally I was part of a discussion about viral posts yesterday and everyone seemed to assume they were a good thing. Perhaps that’s because they all share on Facebook already!

    1. Yes I never imagined it as a negative until the weekend.
      I’m sorry you were unable to read my post, not because I missed your reading but for the reason behind it. Thanks for commenting. Hugs shared across the internet. Xx

  9. I think you’ve touched on something really essential. While generally Facebook is a snap shot of people’s experiences, blogging does allow the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the human experience.

    Like most who have made comments my Facebook world and blogging world never meet and that’s more than okay.

    Great post!

    1. Yes even though posts are often shared they really are very different platforms. I’d choose blogging any day.
      Thanks for dropping by

  10. It’s interesting that you got such a big response from Facebook, Tric. To be honest, I hate the place. Every time I try to start a new paragraph, I inadvertently send a message. I think I understand your initial reluctance to share personal information on Facebook too. WordPress always seems such a well-mannered community, generally speaking. I don’t get that feel from Facebook at all. As for Twitter! It just seems to be a bunch of people shouting at each other.

  11. It’s always scary to post something so personal. Most of us don’t do it and when we do, it is years and years past the “incidents” so I applaud you for being able to write about it. It has take me so many years. I’m just now beginning to write the intensely personal and there is so much more to come but I’m still scared of doing it. However, with me, I know the stories have to come out and I feel that I am running out of time, having turned 60 on my last birthday. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep reaching out. You are doing great work.

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