There I am in the paper #81

Here is my day after Valentine’s Day column from the Irish Examiner. How was it for you? Welcome to February 15th, a day where couples everywhere are either madly in love after a romantic Valentine’s Day yesterday, or in serious trouble after one or other got it very wrong. My sympathies if you are in the … More There I am in the paper #81

Who me?

I have four children and was there at the birth of each so am fairly sure they are definitely mine, however sometimes I look at them and wonder, ‘where did I get her?’ The other day one of my daughters was speaking about booking a holiday and it reminded me of how different I was … More Who me?

Great Expectations!

Hopefully a post to make you smile, possibly cringe, and maybe even laugh! There is very little in a childs life, as exciting as the anticipation, of their Christmas presents. Cost for a child is not really a factor. Some totally loose the run of themselves, others keep their requests modest. We parents are especially … More Great Expectations!