Great Expectations!

Hopefully a post to make you smile,
possibly cringe, and maybe even laugh!

There is very little in a childs life,
as exciting as the anticipation,
of their Christmas presents.

Cost for a child is not really a factor.small__3178552827
Some totally loose the run of themselves,
others keep their requests modest.
We parents are especially proud of our children,
if they are in the latter category!

I remember one year one of my friends boasting,
that her five year old daughters only request,
was for a Barbie car, nothing else.
I marvelled at the simplicity of the request.

As Christmas came nearer,
this little girl wrote her letter to Santa,
requesting her Barbie car.
The following week my friend decided,
to take her children to a toy shop.
She had yet to see which Barbie car,
was being requested.
On arrival her small girl ran off to the bikes area,
and sat into a self driven motorized Barbie car,
which cost approx €200.
“My Barbie Car!” she shoutedsmall__2471171624

On this occasion,
the shocked parents were able,
to rewrite the letter,
and find a suitable alternative present.
At least they had discovered what their daughter had been thinking.

My friend whom I met in Australia was not so lucky.
She told me how at the age of ten,
her mum and dad split up.
She and her sister were devastated.

As it came closer to Christmas,
they wondered how they would manage the day.
It was decided that they would go to their dad in the morning,
and then back to their mum that evening.

Their Dad sat them down and explained,
that Christmas would be very different,
but he had a big surprise for them.
And they would definitely enjoy it.
My friends ears pricked up at this,
“Oh my God”, she thought, “I’m getting a horse!”.

As the weeks passed she became very excited.
Her hearts desire was to own a horse.
In her head everything her Dad said,
seemed to point towards this really happening.small__5033084050

Christmas morning arrived.
She had no qualms about leaving her mum for the day.
She was off to meet her horse.
Off they drove.
“We are not going to my house for Christmas”,
announced her Dad,
“We are off to your grandmas”.

My friend could barely contain herself.
Her Grandmother lived in a house,
with a lot to “paddocks”.
This was where her horse would be!

As they drove in she scoured the paddocks,
for any sign of her horse.
She could see nothing.
Her grandmother came out and welcomed them,
telling them they would have a great day.
My friend began to get impatient.

Then her Dad came in with two big presents.
One for her and her sister.
She took hers and eagerly unwrapped it.
Maybe it was a bridle?
Or a riding hat?

She tore off the wrapping
to reveal a CALCULATOR!small__410274984 (1)
At the time these were relatively new to the market,
and not something children usually had access to.
Many would have been delighted to receive such a gift.
Needless to say my friend was not.
It was nothing like a horse.

When she told me this story,
I unkindly shrieked with laughter.
Now I am more mature.
I can better appreciate how upsetting this was for my friend.
I have relived her trauma.
And I can safely say…

I still think it is hilarious!

photo credit: amanky via photopin cc
photo credit: Mish Mish via photopin cc
photo credit: Jo-Ann Stokes via photopin cc
photo credit: Suviko via photopin cc

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