Somehow, Somewhere, Some way…

Today is October 9th. An ordinary day in most people’s calendar, but in my life, and that of my families, it marks the day, thirty two years ago, when Dad slipped away, after battling Motor Neurone Disease.

In the intervening years this day has always been one of sadness, full of what might have been. A day when we remembered Dads gentle ways and hurt for the many events he missed. A day when we felt for Mum as she mourned the man she loved so deeply.

However, today is different. Today, I feel a sense of relief, for this is the first October 9th without both Mum and Dad. Instead of mourning their loss today, I like to imagine, that somehow, somewhere, some way they are spending the day together.

Before Mum died she was almost excited at the thought that her long wait to see Dad was nearly over.

“Don’t be sad,” she said,”just imagine us waltzing together.”

So, with a smile and no tears, today I will indeed picture them together. Mum in her fancy shoes and Dad dapper in his suit, as they waltz to the strains of,  ‘The Green Glens of Antrim.’ a song I will forever associate with Dad, because no matter who sings it, it will always be Dad’s voice, with his soft, gentle Donegal lilt that I hear.

Enjoy your day together Mum and Dad. We are doing fine. Xxx

(Mum loved Daniel O Donnell and his Donegal accent made this the only version I could post)

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