Happy Birthday to me.

No, I have not come out of my writing cave to announce my birthday, (it’s on St Patrick’s Day in case you’re asking) but to celebrate this blogs birthday. ‘My thoughts on a page,’ is seven years old.

As it is barely visited by me these days, I thought I’d call over and say hello. I owe such a debt of gratitude to this blog and all of those who have read it over the years. It was here I first began my writing journey, where I enjoyed entertaining you (perhaps you may feel that an over statement), and where you so kindly cared for me as I shared the sadness and horror of my friend’s young son, Daniel’s, last year.  It may be an online world, but I have felt a connection with so many of you and have even managed to meet up with some of you.

My dream of being a published author began here and just before Christmas last year I got a book deal for my memoir with Hachette books, thanks to my wonderful agent, Faith O Grady, of Lisa Richard’s Agency. Now, I only have to sit in my writing cave for hours every day until I can deliver what I have promised. I wont lie it is daunting as I watch the word count rise, only to delete most of it daily!

Mine is a difficult memoir to write, as it features abuse and the lack of justice in our courts. However, over the past few days it has given me something I didn’t expect. It has given me back time with my Dad, who left us over thirty years ago and with my lovely Mum, who slipped away to join him last March.

Over the years I have watched many bloggers come and go. Some got bored, others too busy and some found the demands of writing a blog too great. I can safely say I have never been bored of blogging, nor have I ever felt a pressure to write. This blog has always been my happy place and hopefully, in time, a place I can return to once more, when I finally type…. The End (or sneak away for a break and a quick visit.)

Until then, thank you all so much for seven glorious years with My thoughts on a page.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me.

  1. congrats on this big achievement and I’m so glad you are still here, you’ve grown so much since I began reading you and I know you’ll continue to, this past year sure confirmed that. I’m happy that you still enjoy it and look forward to watching you blossom

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