I won a writing prize!

Would you like to read something a little different to what I usually write? It’s a piece I entered in a competition.

Last year I had promised myself I’d enter more writing competitions for a couple of reasons. I hoped it would force me to finish fully the many stories I write and to pressure myself into putting my writing out there.

To date I’ve failed miserably, entering only three competitions in twelve months, two of which came to nothing. However I can nowglass-perfume-bottle reveal the third story, a flash fiction piece of 300 words, got highly commended.

I am not in a position to publish my story here for another few weeks as a condition of entry but if you would like to read it here is the link.  Just click ‘read story’. Mine is called ‘Hidden Treasure’ and is the second story down.

The competition was run by InkTears. My entry was inspired by this photo of a piece of glass a friend, Catherine Evans, put up in the Imagine, Write, Inspire writing group, as a prompt for a flash fiction challenge.

I also had to write a personal bio which was a whole new experience for me. It is featured here on the site under ‘Authors’ (which makes me smile). It’s in the Flash Fiction category if you scroll down.

I hope you enjoy it.

photo credit: dluders Yellow Lego Trophy with Curved Handles & Top via photopin (license)

53 thoughts on “I won a writing prize!

  1. Well deserved, Tric! I was right there with you in that attic, straining with hope to catch the faintest hint of the long departed scent. And I was also reminded of my own mother, sat at her dressing table all those years ago with the bottle of her favourite perfume in pride of place. Beautifully evocative and warmly nostalgic. I loved it!

    1. That’s great to hear. I too remember the smells about my mum as she put on hand cream and perfume. Writing it brought it all back. You’re so kind. Thank you.

      1. I’m still working out the editing process of my second Gemma book. She is getting there, she should be winging her way to the finish line in a couple weeks. I finished my Nanowrimo book I titled it “Holiday Family Secrets” and I had so much fun with it. I’m thinking about doing another one, this year. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to publish it or not but I got an ISBN for it just in case I do. Keep on writing dear friend, it’s so much fun.

        1. Charlene you will have to friend request me on Facebook. I didn’t find it as it was in another folder, but one of my kids found it for me.
          How fantastic is that? She looked thrilled. I’m so delighted. What a surprise that must have been.

        2. I’m not sure how to friend you on Facebook, I can’t seem to find you outside of your blog page. Maybe we can do it the other at around, mine is Charlene McDonnough. Send me a friend request and I will accept.

  2. Half a day late, I know am I ever any other way congratulations Tric will have a read over breakfast. Oh I was up a lot earlier just in case you think lazy sod it’s 08:40.

  3. well done, tric – always knew you were a star in the making 😆

    your story resonated with me

    every Sunday, when I was a kid, we used to go visit my grand-dad

    those visits are forever linked in my mind to the smell of my mum’s max factor makeup (I can still smell it now) that she wore on these occasions !

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