Tick tock.

There are times in life when the child within us is never too far from the surface. So it is with me as I count the hours until I head off to my favourite place in all the world… Allihies.

This is what the Summer is all about. Getting the chance to get away for a while, escape the world we live in and just be. Despite the fact we thought ten years ago, ‘ah that’s the last holiday she’ll come on,’ it looks like we will have a full house with our children, for a few days at least, as our now almost fully grown up gang join us. As we walk the hills, lie on the beach, shelter from the rain, eat and drink in the local pub and sing at the sessions, we’ll remember bygone holidays and as we do, create new memories.

Bring it on.

7 thoughts on “Tick tock.

  1. Lovely. The Emerald Isle has long been on my list. I know that Dublin is supposed to be the place to see but I would prefer some smaller villages. Having lived in large cities, I am happy now with some tranquility. There was a great-grandmother from Ireland but I never met her…

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