Starting 2019 with an apology and some news.

It’s been a lifetime since I’ve written here… well almost a month. Christmas has come and gone and New Year has arrived and with it my New Year Resolutions. This year they are mostly writing related. I will start taking my writing more seriously. I will call myself a writer in public without whispering and I will finish my book.

The year began with an email with an exciting offer. It was from three ladies who run ‘The Inspiration Project,’ Carmel Harrington, Hazel Gaynor and Catherine Ryan Howard, all successful, award winning authors. This time last year I attended the first ever Inspiration weekend and it completely changed my attitude towards my writing. I came away believing for the first time that I can write a book and determined to do so.

One year on I am as committed as ever to doing so.

So, what was in the email? Well, they’d invited three of those who attended to join them in ‘The Inspiration Coffee Diaries,’ which is a blog where we each share monthly our writing journey. Today it went live with our first contributions and you can read it here at ‘The Inspiration Project: The Coffee Diaries.’

I hope you will tune in monthly and enjoy watching our progress, or not, as we try to make our way into the world of writing and getting published.

As for myself, well the first month of the year has thrown us up a rather difficult curve ball which we are negotiating at present. It has taken its toll but hopefully all will be well. As a result my poor blog has been gathering as much dirt as my house, but such is life.

I’ll try whenever possible to at least post my column now and again, although I have shared it directly from the paper on my facebook page a number of times. However, those of you without social media have fallen behind and honestly some of the posts were almost funny.

Looking forward to an end to January and hopefully getting back to blogging soon.


8 thoughts on “Starting 2019 with an apology and some news.

  1. i’m looking forward to reading your ongoing journey and i can’t wait to see how it goes as you travel down the road to publication, by following the coffee diaries. no worries about the timeline, just stop by whenever you can. I’m happy to read your happy news and hope you can move that roadblock that threw up a curve. p.s. i love the door hanger above.

    1. Thanks Beth. I love the door hanging too and luckily have one of my own.
      Yes, this is the year. It’s now or never, just deep breath and some effort and I’m there.
      The curve ball is a lot more difficult, but tonight all is good so we will take one day and if necessary one hour at a time.

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