Did you even notice I was gone?

Isn’t life online a funny thing? We think we know each other but we only know what others wish us to know?

As it happens I’ve been on holiday, for a whole seven days. I disappeared without warning, in fear you would descend on my house and rob it. My tactic seems to have worked because I’m home and the house is intact.

We left a week ago to travel to Lagos in Portugal. As many of you know I’m not exactly the most enthusiastic sun worshiper but I am a wonderful mother! So with three of our four children in tow yer man and myself dug deep and set off.

I’d managed, after a little alarm at lack of accommodation, to book an apartment on Air B and B and we struck gold. It was beautiful, minutes walk from the pool and a stunning beach. The week passed in a haze of applying suncream, lying down for mere minutes, whining it was too hot and going for a swim on a loop for hours. That was just me of course, the girls lay like seals in the sun and yer man could be seen under any piece of shade he could find. In between this lack of activity ate and drank.

Now we are home and I have to face facts, that not only has my skin changed colour but I am in need of a new wardrobe of clothes. It’s either that or eat less…

But it still feels like Summer? And tomorrow I leave for a night away with my girlfriends where there will be more eating and drinking…

Looks like it’ll have to be a new wardrobe.

photo credit: Natalia Romay Photography Ponta da Piedade via photopin (license)
photo credit: coda Lagos, Portugal via photopin (license)

29 thoughts on “Did you even notice I was gone?

    1. Hahaha. Would you believe yer man insists on posting cards every year to neighbours and his mum and mine! He just didn’t have your address Duncan!

  1. Sounds like a fabulous getaway Tric. The pics are beautiful. I’d love to travel, especially in Europe. One of these days, I keep saying. I haven’t had a real vacation in 17 years. I mean a vacation where you really travel to places unknown — I don’t consider trips to see family vacations. But my Mom is (finally) moving to Austin (next week, in fact!) to be close to me and so I can take care of her. Now I’ll finally have family in my same town and can plan future getaways to actual getaway places! Your post and the pics just made me add Portugal to my list of Wanna Go’s…

    Have a great Sunday.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. I really hope it happens for you. I live in Ireland, which even though it’s an island is so lucky to have so many countries in Europe on our doorstep.
      Great news that you will have your mum so close. Maybe you can put Ireland on that list too?

      1. Oh absolutely Tric. Ireland is definitely on the list! I’ll let you know if I head that way… πŸ™‚

    1. Haha. You should see where I’m off to tomorrow, you’d be so jealous. Might put up a few photos of it next week. It’s in Ireland!

  2. Hello Tric, welcome back hope you had a great vacation. I have noticed you have been gone but I have too I have been using a borrowed computer for the last little while hopefully I will have mine back soon. Plus now I’m on bedrest until further notice….but that is okay too I’m getting a lot of reading done. Take care of yourself and again welcome back!!!!!! ❀ ❀

  3. The message here is clear–if we don’t hear from you for more than five days, it’s open season on your house. Out of curiosity, how large is your television?

    (Sounds like a wonderful trip though!)

    1. Hahaha.I got a great kick out of your comment when I read it. Unfortunately there may be a reason my house is intact…there’s nothing too exciting in it!

    1. It really is so pretty and I found the people lovely and pleasant to deal with. Lovely spot for a honeymoon.I just popped over to make sure all is still okay in your world. Delighted to see that so far so good!

  4. JUST commented on your other post saying that Zi hoped/hope that you were/are having a good time, so am glad you did! I’m the same, when Zim on my own in the house having a constructive night I stop moly self from telling social media just in case! I think I’ve read too many books in that vein!

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