These boots were made for walking

So we made it back. We are still talking to each other and he didn’t kill me, nor I him.

It was a wonderful week. For those who got no chance to see what went on via my incredibly active facebook feed (not really) I’ll replay what you missed here. Hopefully in the next few days when we have re introduced ourselves to the kids, unpacked and stoped looking wistfully at photos I’ll settle down to write up a post or two all about the highs and lows!

Late, the night before leaving…

Me… I thought you were going to bed?
Himself… I can’t find my toothbrush.
Me… Did you put it with your suitcase?
Himself… I thought so.
Ten minutes later.
Eldest daughter to dog…. Drop it!
Tootbrush RIP

Day One. Loch Etive. Scotland.

We wanted remote we got it…we took these photos from our gate.
We said we are not going for the weather…just as well, lashing today.
‘Ah sure we are fit’ yer man says ‘it’s only 1.5 hours for strollers’… Or as it turned out 3 hours for those who fail at map reading!

photo 1 (8)

photo (35)








Day one done. ‪#‎Stilltalking‬. ‪#‎soaked‬ ‪#‎heaven‬ 😄

Day Two.


We have to get better at map reading… Or at least bring a map!

Day Three.

Me…will you bring your phone today as the camera is much better?
Yer man…no bother.
Hours later at summit with amazing view…
Me… This we must photograph.
Yer man…sorry phone’s out of battery.

Day six.

photo (36)

Out of breath quote from near the summit. 1000m up Ben Cruachan.

Me…there’ll be no more talking from me for the next half hour.
Yer man… What?
Me… I said there’ll be no more talking from me for the next half hour.
Yet man… No more walking!?!?
Me… Ah jaysus. I said there’d be no more feckin talkin from me and since I said it you haven’t stop feckin talkin so I’m now feckin sorry I said anything!
Yer man… Oh.

Finally in Edinburgh. Our last night before returning to the gang.

photo (40)photo (39)photo (41)

16 thoughts on “These boots were made for walking

    1. Glad to hear. It was wonderful and great to be home, but a part of me wishes we were just beginning our holiday all over again.

  1. Great photos.
    Glad you’re back safely and still talking 😁
    Sounds like you had a marvelous time.

    1. Thanks. It’ll take more than a few map reading errors to tear us apart now I think. Here’s to next years holiday, what ever that might be.

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