Overheard near Santa.

Tonight, due to my magnificent contacts, I managed to arrange a visit to the pool by the bigphoto credit: Lily and Santa at Courtrights - Xmas 2012 via photopin (license) man himself. We had almost seventy young swimmers, aged five to ten years old swimming, when the bell rang and ‘Ho Ho Ho’ echoed around the pool. Amidst great excitement they climbed out group by group to meet him. I thought you’d enjoy a few snippets of conversations I overheard as they waited.

Me to a group of swimmers… ‘Fingers crossed gang, Santa may be coming to visit tonight’
Swimmer crossing lots of fingers… ‘Ok but how will we swim?’.

Swimmer A… ‘It’s not the real Santa’.
Swimmer B… ‘Oh my God, that is sooo rude.Don’t insult Santa like that’.

Swimmer to me… ‘I think it is the real Santa’.

Me… ‘Really?’
Swimmer…’Yes I saw an elf outside’.

Me, as a group waited…’Have you all written your letters?’
Swimmer… ‘I’ve written mine but I’ve not sent it yet’.
Santa moments later…’Have you sent your letter?’
Swimmer… ‘Yes’.
Santa… ‘That’s great’.
Swimmer…’Actually Santa I forgot to send it’.

Swimmer to swim teacher… ‘I know the truth’.
Swim teacher… ‘Tell me’.
Swimmer… ‘That is only an elf dressed as Santa’.

Swimmer getting out of water to see Santa… ‘Oh my goodness I am so wet’.

Santa…’What’s your name?’
Swimmer…’You met me already!’

That’s about all I can remember after a very busy couple of nights. Poor Santa was exhausted. Imagine each night, seventy young children, a roasting hot pool and a big red suit, beard and hat. Thank goodness it’s a full year before we have to do it again, but I love it and I know I’m not alone.

photo credit: Lily and Santa at Courtrights – Xmas 2012 via photopin (license)

5 thoughts on “Overheard near Santa.

  1. I’m pretty sure that was the real Santa, you know:

    a) heavy-set, middle-aged man (check)
    b) bright red outfit and white, bushy beard (check)
    c) reindeer poo scattered over the roof (check)

    I hope all your little swimmers had a magical time.

  2. Wonderful! So magical. I’m playing Santa’s Elf this weekend again. I really should do something similar….. the things I hear! Unfortunately no time to write them down!

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