Wedding Belle.

“I’ve a wedding tomorrow”, I say.

“Oh fantastic, enjoy” they say.

No, no, no, I think but do not say, because a wedding means dressing up and those of you familiar with my blog know I am allergic to dressing up.

However I’ve no choice and this time tomorrow I’ll be transformed, on the outside at least. It’s the wedding of the eldest daughter of a great friend of mine so I am making the effort. I’ve even bought new make up. I’ve no idea if it’s the right type or not, but after the mirror experience of last week I know I’m no spring chicken. So, if I am to avoid fellow guests worrying that I’m looking very tired or ill, I’ll have to plaster something over my face. However after doing a practice run I discovered that once plastered, the look was less than natural, so I asked one of my daughters for blusher. She handed me something that involved a brush, but I refused and asked for the beginner version, which she told me, not very caringly, did not exist. She also pointed out that as I have a skin tone which is so much darker than hers (enough to wonder at parentage), that her make up isn’t suitable for me, but I thought, a bit of red powder on my face, how wrong can I get?

What am I wearing? I hear you wonder. Well I told you I’m making an effort for for the second time in twelve months

Borrowed fancy shoes.
Borrowed fancy shoes.
My usual foot attire
My usual foot attire

I’m wearing a fancy dress with a lot of silver bling on it. Very lady like indeed. It’s borrowed of course, as are the shoes. I had to reject the first pair offered as I needed to have some sort of scaffolding erected in our house in order for me to climb up on them. So I made my way to another friend who gave me a choice of two. I tried one pair on, ‘ Do you like them?’ she asked, to which I replied, ‘Does it matter, they fit and go with the dress?’.

I think she was a bit deflated, as on second look they were indeed beautiful and deserving of a much greater compliment. It was just they weren’t exactly me.

So it’s the night before and I’m all set. I’ve borrowed, a dress, shoes, a handbag and a coat, but I assure you all jewelry and underwear is my own. I’m sure myself and himself will have a great day out, but I hope he enjoys the other woman he’ll have in his company as come Saturday it’s the high road for her as I’ll be pulling on my jeans and comfy boots once more.

Wish me luck.

20 thoughts on “Wedding Belle.

  1. LOL! I’m sure you will do fine. Twice in twelve months? That’s a lot. I haven’t done it since my son’s wedding in August of 2013 and probably won’t again until another wedding, which is not too soon, as near as I can tell.

    1. It’s twice too often for me. 🙂
      Mind you I am looking forward to the day, there is something very special about watching a young couple begin their married life.

      1. Fair play, tric. Flying the flag for those more at home with their feet firmly on the ground rather than 3 inches off it. Glad you didn’t fall off and make a holy show of yourself. I made the mistake of ordering shoes off the net within days of the most recent wedding I was attended. The picture of the heels was more ‘far away’ than ‘small’. It took me an age getting down stairs sideways with all the grace of an elephant.

  2. Oh my! It’s been ages since I got that dolled up. In my younger days I wore 4 inch heels effortlessly. But now I’m allergic 😁

    Living in NY means pushing strollers, running up and down train stairs and lots of walking. Comfy shoes are a must. Plus I have a bad back so gel insoles need to fit into everything I wear. Cute shoes have since been swamped for comfort shoes.

    Hope you and hubby have a grand time. Enjoy!

    1. We’d a great time. I didn’t fall over but I can’t say the shoes were comfortable. I wore them and marveled at those around me happily strutting around in even higher heels.
      Children, buggies and getting around do definitely take the gloss off high heels.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I got dressed up for anything. I pretty much am of the opinion I am who I am…dress pants, nice sweater, comfortable shoes and no makeup. Hope you have a fantastic time!

    1. I feel exactly the same but I couldn’t go to a wedding under dressed. I’m glad I did make the effort as it was a very dressy wedding indeed and my friends dress was much admired and was definitely a good choice.
      Despite my lack of enthusiasm for my outfit we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

  4. I’m impressed that some people can totter about on shoes with heels like that. The shoes are elegant and sophisticate, of course, but isn’t it like walking on stilts? I’m not sure I could manage (not that I’ve ever had to try).

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