A pause to remember

go gold danielToday Daniel should be getting his Junior Cert results along with thousands of others. He should be all excited about going out with his many friends tonight to celebrate.

Today is another day Daniel is sorely missed.

As the world spins and the days pass we continue to live, but never forget.

Over texts today we decided he would have got many As but his highest grades would have been in extra curricular activities such as blaggarding, skitting, womanising and enjoying life to the max. So congratulations Daniel where ever you are. xx


5 thoughts on “A pause to remember

  1. I’m not sure what some of those things are Tric, but I feel like we’ve all come to know Daniel through you…..and I’m sure he would excel in all of those things. I send warm and soothing thoughts across our ocean road to you and all who love him.

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