Another excuse not to do my awards post!

I am a million miles behind on acknowledging awards,
and I am beginning to feel stressed about it.
Great bloggers were good enough to nominate me,
and what do they get back?photo credit: <a href="">kevinthoule</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
I have been trawling through comments,
trying to remember who gave me awards and when.
As I do I hear a voice in my head.
It is my mum saying,
“Why did you leave it to the last minute?”.
Well in this case I hear her saying,
“Why did you not do the Thank You post immediately?”.

I am still saying I will try to do that post someday,
but in the meantime I would like to do a different post.
Four bloggers I follow regularly are doing something similar,
and I think it is a wonderful idea.

Firstly I will tell you what they are doing,
and then I will tell you what I will do.

My first inspiring blogger is Mocha.
This is a blogger I will never meet,
but would love to.
There is something in his writing,
that is fascinating and unique.
His is often a post that arrives into my reader,photo credit: <a href="">photosteve101</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
and I wait so I have time to appreciate it.
After I read it,
I often say “Wow, that was good”,
and then I say,
“Feck him, my post is a bit rubbish next to that”.

Anyway Mocha does a post on a Friday called “Reblog Fridays”.
This is where he mentions posts in the past week he enjoyed,
and also reblogs one of them.
I think it is a lovely idea,
and I have found some beauties.
He is some one I have given my blogging heart to,
and not many have received that honor.

The next interesting idea along this line is from Wonder Woman.
Well to be honest that is my name for her!
She began blogging at the same time as me,photo credit: <a href="">ClaraDon</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="
her name then was Cranky.
She is a firm favourite of mine.
In the six months since then,
she has written a novel,
and has had stories and articles published.
She has recently set up a new blog,
called “A Dream Come True”,
in order to share her writing experiences,
and help with links and advice,
for anyone who would like to submit stories,
or look to be published.

Her idea is called “Paying it Forward”.
On a Wednesday she picks a blogger she likes,
and speaks about her relationship with them,
and their blog.

Lastly is the idea of Kelly over at freelittlewords.
She has a great blog,
which has evolved over time.
It is based on love and those three little wordsphoto credit: <a href="">TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
everyone likes to hear.
She is also a very busy lady,
and has written a childrens book,
as well as being a teacher,
and a mum to two boys.
Every post is different.
She is one blogger I have so enjoyed getting to know.

Her idea is Blogtrotting July.
This is where she writes a post,
and within the post links to blogs she enjoys,
and writes about the blogger and their blogs.
Again it is a lovely idea.

Last but not least is Duncan over at Mad Hatters.
His is a shared blog,photo credit: <a href="">Zach 'Ragz Rejected' Shell</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a
with lots of visual humor,
and loads of irreverence and fun.
He was one of my first blogging friends,
and has continued to be a great source of support to me.
His comments could often be posts in themselves.

Anyway Duncan does a post where he recommends blogs he likes.
He writes about the blogger and links to a post,
that usually sums that blog up to a tee.

Now for my own idea,
I think what I would like to do,
is “Posts I have read”,
or my preferred name “Freshly Impressed”.
Those posts will be ones I will have read,
recently or ages ago,
which made me laugh,cry,shout or wonder.
The ones that sometimes live on after you read them,
or force you to go back for another look.
Not necessarily always from my favourites,
as I am usually bias about them.
So some day this week,
I will gather together those I just can’t get out of my head
and share with you my reading on wordpress.

Until then if you have time check out my buddies.
You will not be sorry.

photo credit: kevinthoule via photopin cc
photo credit: photosteve101 via photopin cc
photo credit: ClaraDon via photopin <a href=”
photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via photopin cc
photo credit: Zach ‘Ragz Rejected’ Shell via photopin

33 thoughts on “Another excuse not to do my awards post!

  1. I love, love, love the “Freshly Impressed” name. I’m jealous that I didn’t think of it! I look forward to reading them. Also, thanks for those wonderful things you’ve said about my sites. it was a pleasure to meet you on my first day in WordPress and my respect and appreciation for you grows each day.

    But, I’m still jealous you thought of that great title first!

  2. Great idea!! I like the awards (of course I like them-they are ego delicious) BUT I love your idea as well because it gives everyone a chance to know a little about everyone. What you’re reading, what touched you in a certain way, and introducing other bloggers and broadening our reading lists, etc.

    1. Thank you. Also sometimes I am just browsing wordpress and see a post I “like”. It may be someone I never read before and maybe do not even go on to follow but still that one post struck me.

  3. Full of good ideas you are! I often take a look at who others have ‘liked’ and who ‘likes them’ as it gives me a sense of who else is out there!
    Looking forward to seeing who you bring to us…we won’t even have to go searching for good reads…not to mention all of the extra time you’re going to save us!

  4. I love all these ideas – so wonderful! I feel like I’m not in the “regular” blog world yet, as I have this specific agenda that I’m working on, but at some point I will take up some of these lovely ways of sharing the blogs and bloggers who inspire me and who I love, which includes you!

  5. To think that the likes of bloggers like Cranky (as I will always call her) and myself have inspired you to action leaves me humbled. Your idea for your title is as unique as each one of your posts. I won’t say anything else except for ‘feck it’ until my next Blogtrotter July Tour post.

  6. Oops, how embarrassing – here you go giving my weekly Madhatters recommended blog post a mention and I haven’t done one this weekend 😆

    I can only plead extenuating circumstances that meant I haven’t done much blogging at all this past week – but I’ll soon be back to normal so look out for a recommended blog next weekend your idea – and your name for it is pure genius. Looking forward to reading your posts

    1. Ha ha. It was still on your blog I first saw this idea! Thanks for calling me a genius, ( in a roundabout way) I will take the compliment! .:)

  7. a moment of panic here….how does this award business work? I have been nominated for one chosen apparently for another, but not sure what happens next. Do you get an email? dumtwit me, sorry, keep getting these messages and clueless as to the next step

  8. Thank you for the lovely and kind word tric. Means a lot. Can’t wait for “freshly impressed.” Creative name. I love it. Overall Thank you for all your lovely comments…like I said you rock…

  9. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet and commented:
    I liked this post…a lot…and i loved this idea:
    “I think what I would like to do, is “Posts I have read”, or my preferred name “Freshly Impressed”. Those posts will be ones I will have read,
    recently or ages ago, which made me laugh,cry,shout or wonder.”

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