This is what your ‘Yes’ meant.

As I woke up this morning I wondered what does Yes’ mean to those who are LGBT living in Ireland. How did they feel today, knowing they were now fully equal and accepted by their own countrymen? As luck would have it, just as I was wondering, I received an email, from my brother, (he’s going to have to set up his own blog at this rate).

This is what your vote meant to him.

It’s Sunday morning and not unusual and quite understandable in the circumstances, I am hungover .Walking to the shops to buy all the newspapers to read and keep for posterity I looked in the mirror.
AT ME….,
same face…
same expression……
same outfit from last night…..
Around my neck I was still wearing a piece of silver…a treasured momento from a lady who I loved and admired so much. Sometimes when I am feeling vulnerable or a bit down I wear this to comfort me and give me strength. I necklaceusually place it discreetly under my shirt collar and it helps me to know that it’s there. Her voice telling me …..“you are alright pet”…keep walking”

Normally I wear it under my collar…..NOT TODAY.

Today I wore it with the neck open. Some might say
…God ….that fellow has a necklace on…
…that’s a bit Gay looking.
Today they were right…it is…and I AM.


And that meant the world to me.

To that beautiful lady…to my wonderful Mother,Father,brothers,sisters family,friends, countrymen and women…I want to say thank you.

Thank you for letting me…be me x


24 thoughts on “This is what your ‘Yes’ meant.

  1. Ah crap! The tears are back!!
    Lovely words but I think we should thank Michael and the LBGT community for making us feel so alive – all the while remembering permission to be himself was never ours to give.
    Such lovely times were living in.

    1. Every time I read any comment you write on this topic, I think ‘Oh yes what she said’, and as always all I can say is, ‘I agree’. Thanks, isn’t it great to feel proud of our country once more.

        1. I was about to comment and then I read Helen’s. As usual she nailed it so I have nothing more to add… except that the writing talent is very strong in your family x

    1. Yes I thought that was a really powerful, point in his post. Even though I knew it I’d never really thought how often he must hide little things. Not any more I hope.

  2. Writing from the heart must run in your family. So happy for your brother, your family, for Ireland, and the spreading freedom to be ourselves and love whomever we want.

    1. Thank you. It is great to know we have had a conversation with the whole country, and they have told my brother and others that they are accepted and respected. What an amazing weekend we have had. You don’t experience too many of those in a lifetime.

  3. so happy for your brother, tric

    I can’t begin to understand how it must feel to know that he no longer needs to hide part of his self and that – despite what ministers and priests might teach – he has the support of so many fellow countrymen to love who he wants and enjoy the same privileges and rights under the law as ‘straight’ couples

  4. and i am so happy that at last you, and many others, can feel free to be you. this is huge and wonderful. and you are lucky to have such a supportive sister as tric.

  5. I tear up reading this, Tric, and I don’t usually get emotional. Your brother, my niece and anyone who is gay should feel no shame for being who they are. Today in Ireland is a good day. Bless your brother and my niece. ❤ ❤

  6. Congratulations to you all – individually and as a country – I’m working my way through the descending, chronological order of my WordPress reader and was greeted by the good news from another blog, before I reached your post – – and immediately thought, “I have to go over and leave a her a comment saying, “I’m so very happy for you and yours and thanks – may your courage nudge other conversations, in other parts of the world, in a much needed direction -” –

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