A begging post.

Maybe it’s an Irish thing I’m not sure, but I find it hard to ask you to take the time to nominate me in the Irish Parenting Blog Awards. They are on in April and the nominations will be accepted up to the end of March. There are only eight more days left so here goes….

Please nominate me, here.

There are various categories but really, no matter how bias you are about my blog, we will have to agree that I am not suited for ‘most beautiful’ blog or ‘best homespun blog’, nor do I suit the category of ‘newcomer’ or ‘special interest’ blog. However I will leave it up to you to nominate me in what ever category you wish, or in fact in whichever categories you wish, as you can do the whole lot in one go.

There final category is for Best Post Award. Any post since March 2014 is admissible, but you must have the url to link it if you have a particular post in mind. Knowing that most of you have no time for such generosity, a few weeks ago I asked you to pick between three different posts, as to which you preferred, so if you have no other favourite perhaps you might nominate me for that one?

The successful post was My Life in words. If you wish to nominate that post just copy and paste this Url into the required box.  https://mythoughtsonapage.com/2014/03/10/my-life-in-words/

I would be delighted if you had the time to nominate me, but if not don’t worry I’m very forgiving, and how will I know anyway?

So if you have the time here is the link for the Irish Parenting Awards Nominations. (Do you like the way I stuck it in again at the end, just to further tempt you?) Nominate me for whatever categories you see fit.

Now enough begging. I’m way behind in my blog reading due to my almost wifi free weekend in Allihies. Service can now continue as normal.

28 thoughts on “A begging post.

  1. I nominated you and I just saw your blog for the first time! Don’t worry, you aren’t begging! I enjoyed your post that you linked to! Good luck.

    1. Deb you’re a star. Thank you so much. I’ll give you a bit of Irish for that, Go raibh míle maith agat. (thanks a thousand, pronounced Guh rev meela mah agut)

  2. Done it! Nominated you for a couple of categories and also put your post up for post of the year. I love your writing, I read all your posts (although don’t always have the time to comment) and would be good for your blog to now be recognised by a wider audience. Good luck. Xx

    1. How are you? Thanks so much I am delighted to hear you read my posts. I just popped over and see I’ve missed a couple of your last posts. Thanks again I’m chuffed to hear you are still reading.

    1. It’s a member based gig for nomination only as in you have to be a member to be in the Awards. Would love you to join us someday? Ever? Maybe?

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