A Mini Tale about Down Syndrome

I was going to rush out a post tonight, but then I read this. It’s a heartfelt post, filled with love by a great online friend of mine. Posted to remind us that World Down Syndrome Day is Saturday March 21st.
Let me introduce you to four year old Mini, who happens to share a birthday with me. A little lady big on personality. Enjoy.
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World Down Syndrome Day approaches. This should be the busiest time for the blog. I have a list of websites I should be pitching articles to, so I can you know, raise awareness. Because even though things are looking good for people with Down Syndrome and we’ve come a million miles from the days when a diagnosis translated into a life hidden in the shadows of institutions, there’s still so much to do, so much educating to give, so many lazy stereotypes to be busted, so much more understanding to foster, equality to nurture, prejudice to dismiss.

So I really should be doing something to address all of the above. But 2015 is not going according to plan. We’re in the midst of an ongoing and incredibly stressful house purchase where everything that can go wrong, seems to be going wrong. On top of this, there’s the fact that the state of my…

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