Today I know what a successful mother feels like.

Congratulations to me. Today I became a successful mother. How? Well today two of my four children did what nature intended them to do.
They left home.

Why do I consider myself a successful mother? Well because these two little feckers darlings, skipped out the door and back to college, without a backward glance! Perhaps knowing I’m a bit of a softie, they put on a small show, hiding very well their absolute joy at the thought of returning to the life of a student, living away from home. Tonight I have no doubt they are among many friends, possibly out in some den of iniquity, drinking and catching up, without a care in the world.

Yes indeed I am quite obviously a successful mother. Over the years I have managed to not kill these two when they were young children, as I guessed my way through motherhood, and I also managed to not kill them when they were teenagers, even when sorely tempted. I am such a good mother that they have grown up to be independent enough to leave home. Independent enough to no longer need credit: <a href="">Mouin.M►(away)</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Yes congratulations to me. How does it feel you may ask, being a successful mother?

Well tonight as I sit here in my very quiet kitchen, I hear no one arguing. No music blaring. Passing my daughters bedroom I close my eyes, as the smell of her perfume momentarily brings her back to me, but on opening them I miss her all over again. My tall handsome boy does not wander in to sit down and chat. Tonight our home feels empty, and a piece of my soul missing.

Tonight I know exactly how a successful mother feels, but a large part of me wishes I didn’t.

30 thoughts on “Today I know what a successful mother feels like.

  1. If both my girls go off into the world (still breathing) then I am a successful mom too. One daughter has plans to marry next month so there is still time to fail!

    1. Oh fingers crossed Jackie you are very successful. Although it is a bitter sweet success.
      What a great day you will have. Congratulations to her, and hopefully to you.

  2. Ahh bitter sweet, so fabulous that you have managed to bring these two up with such confidence to grow and progress. Mich x

    1. Thanks a mil. Yes, not a backward glance from them! But that is how it should be I suppose. It is definitely what I did myself when I left home.

  3. I was thinking tonight how lucky I am that my three children are still young enough to want me to cuddle and chat with them before they go to sleep. Some nights it feels like a chore but it only takes a few minutes and I am sure some time soon, in the blink of an eye they will be grown up enough not to want these bed time cuddles any more. I can’t imagine how it will feel when they fly the nest entirely but it is good to know you really did do a good job!

    1. Yes Naomi, that bed time story can be an awful chore sometimes, although as I lay down on the bed I always enjoyed it.
      At least you have your blog for when your little ones grow up. It will keep your happy memories alive.
      Now 24 hours later I’m much better.

    1. Wash your mouth out C.J, even thinking about that thing that happens.
      Yes you’re right time and tide. It’s a nice way of thinking about it, as it’s an ebb and flow, not a goodbye.

      1. It give me the heebie geebies I was lucky enough to work right through that silly season for over 20 years, now there is no escaping the mayhem. Did you see they are even advertising for it already – maybe you could write a few pages on how one could escape the madness – think of all the friends you’d gain!!!!

        1. No, no, no, no definitely not! Christmas = presents, (for me) relaxing, drinking, telly, family, parties, but mostly family, laughing and fighting. I love it.

  4. Awww, Tric, it’s the swings and roundabouts… I count my blessings every day that I spend with my little and big ones, as I watch the older ones merge into adulthood and become independent, I know that the little round chubblet I’m holding, is a chubblet but for a season. I’m really trying to learn to embrace these seasons!!

    1. Yes Emily, lucky you with your newest arrival.
      However there is a lot to be said for the older kids. They are great company, and it’s fascinating to watch, what is a child to you, get on in the real world, and become ‘grown up’.

  5. Want to share a bottle of rosé to console our souls for being successful mums? Bigfoot’s all settled in in his new abode, his girlfriend has cleaned the tiles with his toothbrush, and he still call his mum for all the stuff he can’t get his head around. As for me? Getting used to not seeing him bowl in and empty the fridge, and still buying way too much food.

    1. Oh the food! I cooked dinner tonight and we could invite the neighbours in we have so much!
      It takes getting used to alright but it’s great to think they are growing up and getting on in life.
      Cheers. In about thirty minutes I’ll be sitting with a glass and I’ll toast Bigfoot and my fella, and of course you and I and then I’ll probably have to have another!

    1. Yes at times it seems like there is very little light at the end of the tunnel, but it comes eventually to us all.
      Thankfully I have younger children to make a bit of noise around the place, but it’s not quite the same as when we are all together.

  6. Congratulations on getting the little bastards out of your house! I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough. I hate that my own little ones are getting so not little right before my eyes each day.

    1. Ah Don you have plenty of Bud lights to get through yet before you get there.
      It is the speed at which the eldest moves on that is scary. I bet it feels like forever before your youngest grows up, but you can see your daughter change daily.
      Enjoy them and for what it’s worth the older ones are great entertainment and company.

  7. Im in the middle of the tween years and I dream about the stillness and the quiet. But I know my time will come to sit in that chair, with no back talk and no kid company. Enjoy your next level.

    1. Oh I must say there were times I counted the years to see how long before I’d have peace in the house.
      Yes enjoy the madness for another few years. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the peace soon too.

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