Some random facts about me.

So my blog friends, just how well do you know me?
Tonight I will put together some random facts about myself. Some you may already know, but hopefully some will surprise you.
I’d like to thank the blog dancingthruyears for prompting me to write this with her seven random facts post. I always enjoy reading these type of posts so here’s hoping you do too.

1. I have a tattoo.

2. I went completely grey at 24 after the birth of my first child. Do I mind? Nope I always wanted to have my hair different colours so now I have the perfect excuse

3. I only need about six hours of sleep a night.

4. I agreed to buy our house two days before I told my credit: <a href="">Nomadic Lass</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

5. I sometimes coach a swim team at 6am.

6. I am on twitter, but I still don’t know much about it.

7. I drink a million cups of tea a day.

8. I purposely don’t play the lotto, because I am very happy with my life as it is.

9. I met my husband in Cyprus.

10. I fainted every day on the wards for weeks when I first began my nursing training.

11. I was able to pick locks as a teenager.

12. I swam for Ireland.

13. A bus I was travelling on was pulled over by German police, in order to return my passport to me. Incidentally I didn’t even know I’d lost it.

14. As a child I shared a bedroom with my three sisters.

15.I have been bitten on four separate occasions by dogs. It has not made me fear them.

16. I cry easily.

17. I have a temper that goes from 0-100 in a second, and then it is over just as quick.

18. I have left a candle burning over night in our sitting room on more than one occasion. (Don’t tell you know who).

19. I don’t own a handbag.

20. I own just two dresses.

So there you have it. Now you know so much more about me, we’re positively best friends.

47 thoughts on “Some random facts about me.

  1. You own two more dresses than I do. You have fainted many more times than I have. I love tea but seldom take the time to make it. I have 2 tattoos. You live in Ireland. We could be “besties”. πŸ™‚

    1. Cosmic twins Colleen. Good to know I am twice the lady you are! There is always time for tea, especially if your Irish. You’ll just have to work on that one. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes Eileen will always feel like that to me! Ha there’s another one Anne, I have three sisters!
      Those McCahill genes have a lot to answer for. But then Dad loved writing so I can’t complain too much.
      I must say the grey is a great excuse. My gang would never accept my hint of purple if I didn’t ‘have’ to dye my hair.

  2. Love it, tric. Commendable lack of dress action there. Your fainting reminds me of a girl I went to school with. Her parents were seriously controlling to the point of selecting her choices on the CAO form. We all got a laugh out of her going on to do medicine as she regularly fainted at the thought (nevermind the sight) of blood in biology class. She’s probably lying in a heap in some operating theatre in her scrubs.

    1. Yes I had a gang from the hospital come to the back of the church when I got married to check if I did indeed wear a dress!
      The fainting was not a pleasant experience, but I was determined. However sometimes when I was in the canteen I’d hear some smart ass in the queue say, ‘We’d better hurry or she’ll faint’.
      I’m testimony to the fact it is possible to get over it…. eventually.

  3. wow tric, i love this! how cool you swam for your country and what is your tattoo a picture of? i had to laugh when you talked about your fainting, way back when i was considering what i wanted to do, i knew i had to rule out anything medical, as i am so, so squeamish )

    1. I am determined, and as you know ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’. I was also lucky to have a wonderful nurse tutor who made me believe it would eventually stop.
      My tattoo is of a butterfly and after many years I still love it.

  4. Tric, we must have been separated at birth! The only difference is that I have two brothers and no sisters. πŸ™‚ ❀

  5. Love it!
    I’ve had Japanese police return my passport that I didn’t know I’d lost yet to me too. However , unlike you I own many handbags and many dresses, and I was scratched and knocked down by a dog aged 2.5 and I’m terrified of them. Oh, and I often do the lotto.
    Maybe I’ll do one of these posts soon.

    1. I’d love to read your post. It was a fun one to do.
      How mad that the one thing we definitely have in common was police coming after us in a foreign country!
      I would have guessed you are a handbag/dress sort of girl.

  6. Oh, somehow I knew we had a lot in common! I have a tattoo as well, I cry so easily, and I go from calm to angry and back again in two minutes. Same things with Twitter and the Lotto: I’m with you on both!
    Such a fun post! Thanks!

    1. Wow, we are definitely alike.
      I love reading these posts as we have certain ideas about bloggers we follow and it just gives a little more insight.

    1. Yes I’ve no stress on that front. Everything goes in my pocket. Not very attractive but I do sometimes ‘carry’ my husband with me and he takes keys and phone in his pocket! πŸ™‚

  7. Only one or two dresses? Coo. I’m impressed. No tattoos here. I bawl my eyes out when people are happy and when people are sad. As for fainting… only did it twice. When trying to open a bottle of Ribena as a sick teenager, and once when I was a very pregnant English teacher. What a pity I wasn’t conscious to experience being caught ‘in flight” by my students- an off-duty fireman and a nuclear scientist. Sigh.

  8. Oh I just love this Tric, what a great idea (although I don’t think I’d have any random facts)… I loved the fact that you agreed to buy your house two days before you told your husband… that one really made me laugh but I am guessing that one also kind of defines you quite well. I thought you would have at least one handbag!!

    1. Ha he’s over it now, and we love our house!
      This was a real fun post, you should try it. You’d be surprised how many random facts you do have.
      It was like a first date!
      As for handbags, nope I don’t get them and I don’t have one.

  9. Thanks Tric! I enjoyed reading about you so much – and thanks for the shout out! Funny, I colored my hair all my life until about 16 years ago, when I decided to let it go gray. I get more compliments on my hair now then I ever did when I was coloring it. LOL!! I have a closet full of “handbags” (purses) and don’t own a pair of pants!! Wear dresses and skirts every day!! Isn’t it amazing how different people can be and yet still find some common ground? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow I can’t imagine not owning a pair of pants. I love the idea that two apparently very different individuals have in fact quite a lot of common ground.
      Thanks again for the idea.

  10. I’ve followed you too long i guess because none of these surprise me. Well, maybe the tattoo a little bit. You’re a good one, Tric. I’d enjoy a sip of tea* with you someday.


    1. I’d say we’d have a mad night Don, and something tells me we might forget to go home! Maybe you’ll find Irish roots and come visit some time.
      Yes you and I know quite a bit about each other now through our blogs. This was a fun post. You should give it a lash (Irish speak for try it)

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