Series of letters. Letter 22.

Letter number 22 comes from Dan over on “Writings from Dr Oolies pond”. I am sure there are so very many people who can identify with this poem. Twenty two years of companionship is a long time.

I have loved you for so long.
Through the good times and the bad
that has never changed.

Even the last couple of years
through the tears,
the loneliness,
and the betrayal
I love you still.

I find myself missing you
from time to time.
Wishing we could have fixed things.
Wishing you wouldn’t have given up on…
Maybe it is for the best
that you have moved on.

I do not regret the last twenty-two years
of companionship you provided me.
I just wish I would have worked harder;
been less lazy as the years went by.
I wish I could have seen how important some
of the things you asked of me really were to you.

As our official day of divorce approaches,
I want you to know that I think
and pray for you pretty much every day.
I want nothing but the best for you my love.
I hope you can find love and happiness in your new life.

*** Have you a letter to someone you would love to write? A first love? A letter to a younger you? Someone you wish to thank? Maybe a confession? Or a letter to someone who has made your life difficult?
I am still taking contributions to this series of letters. Check out the guidelines for submission or just contact me with any queries. You can read previous contributions using the “series of letters” link.

5 thoughts on “Series of letters. Letter 22.

  1. “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours; if not, it never was.”

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