What makes the perfect man?

As a child I never really imagined,
what my future partner in life might look like.
I was always a bit of a tomboy,
and not overly impressed by boys.

However as I grew up,
I began to know,
exactly what I liked and did not like in a man.

Visually I liked scruffy,
with a lot of sporty.
Tall with a good body,
and a nice smile.small__2822903332

In character he would be a leader,
but not always the designated leader.
He would perhaps be a musician,
not the rock star sort of one,
more the side of the road busker type.

He would not necessarily have a proper job,
nor in fact have money.
But he would be a man who drank pints,
and was perhaps a bit wild.

At the age of nineteen,
I headed abroad.
Six nurses all looking around,
scouting for talent,
and the man of their dreams.

In Cyprus he caught my eye.
My heart missed a beat.
Something happened to me,
everytime he passed my way.

I cannot understand even to this day,
what it was or why it was,
that he made me feel that way.

Maybe it was the sun?
Or perhaps I was a bit too generous with the alcohol?
Whatever the reason,
when I returned home from Cyprus,
I had a new “friend” with me.small__6829492057

He was clean shaven, a non drinker,
played no musical instrument,
and quietly spoken.
Sin of sins he was not from Dublin,
and spoke with a very strong Cork accent.
As for not working,
he was an accountant!
On the plus side he was tall!

After twenty years he is still by my side,
my rock, my best friend, my port in every storm,
and thankfully nothing like the man of my dreams.

photo credit: freeloosedirt via photopin cc
photo credit: Victor1558 via photopin cc

24 thoughts on “What makes the perfect man?

  1. Oh me lord, somewhere there’s a funny “put a cork in you” joke to be had, but I’ve not the mental strength right now to work it up. Remind me later though, please.

  2. I think most of us girls, or guys for that matter, had a picture in mind of a perfect mate but I doubt we ever looked across the table at that imaginary face. We never know when love will strike, we just go about our business until one day it hits.

    Thank you for that, and have a beautiful weekend!

  3. this is great and so funny how life has its own plans for us. i am currently on my quest for a partner, and wonder who he will be and what he will be like? i am prepared to be pleasantly surprised )

    1. Yes I would rule nothing in or out. It is definitely true, love is blind. When my husband saw my dream man in this post he laughed out loud, My kids thought the second photo was perfect! Best wishes in your search, you never know who will pass your way.

  4. Love this! Wonderful you’re still together, happily, from the sound of it. We really have no idea what life has in store for us, and the more we let go of the illusion of control, the easier it is!

  5. My guy is not who I imagined either. But he’s right there for me, and a great guy. 16 years married and no Cork accent! California instead. 🙂 Somehow glasses hadn’t figured prominently in my dreams, but they aren’t a problem. 🙂

    1. 16 years sounds good. As does California, and glasses can always be taken. off although personally I like them.Thanks for the comment.:)

  6. Hi, first encounter and I’m happy to do so you have an amazing blog , I went through few posts and I felt I needed more , you have this simple friendly voice that’s draw a person back . I really have to thank mocha I was enjoying the conversation then I thought to drop by .
    Please accept my intruding

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