“The man who wins is the man who thinks they can”

Have there been times in your life when you achieved the impossible? When others thought you couldn’t, but you did? When you were given the odds against you, but you beat them? I am sitting here watching rugby. Ireland v New Zealand. Normally that would mean watching some of the match with my eyes closed, … More “The man who wins is the man who thinks they can”

Women only post!

I am hoping I have put the men off! I wanted to admit something, and I’d rather my gentlemen followers, (or male followers who are not gentlemen), would not find out. As many of you know I am married a long time. So tonight I thought I’d share with you ladies, my number one secret, … More Women only post!

Reblogging this from one of my very favourite blogs The Mad Hatters. The video speaks for itself. Well worth a look.