An afternoon spent with lost friends.

News flash! Summer arrived in Ireland today.
The sun shone and it was warm.
No clouds and more amazingly no rain.
It brought back memories,small__6019328242
of the one day of Summer,
we all remember from last year.
The only real Summers day we had!

So I headed out to the garden,
to attend to the fe*ken weeds,
that seem to thrive in Irish weather.

I love to garden,
but like most people I am happiest,
when the hard work is done,
and I get to spend time potting plants,
and sitting back admiring.

The one thing about gardening,
is that you become very aware of the passing seasons.
Everything blooms beautifully,
before it dies away.
It always puts me in mind,
of the cycle of life.
It is in the garden I often think,
of my Dad and friends who have died.

So it was today.
I was fixing up a few pots,
when I began to remember,
the day a good friend of mine,
told me she had breast cancer.
She was 34 weeks pregnant,
with a much wanted and tried for baby.
Her tumor was rare and highly aggressive.
It had thrived during her pregnancy.

Two weeks later she had her little boy,
a brother to two sisters.
My friend had surgery and then chemotherapy.

It was around this time that I gave her a pot,
inside which I had planted lots of springtime bulbs.small__5530814145
The idea was that when they flowered,
she would be finished her chemotherapy.
They symbolized hope, and a future.

She was delighted and lived to see,
those springtime flowers bloom twice.
However she did eventually lose her battle.
The cycle of life all too short for her and her family.

As the afternoon wore on,
another friend of mine came to visit.
She had also lost a hard fought battle,
at the age of thirty nine.
These two did not know each other,
but would have got on so well together.
As I pottered around,
reminiscing about both,
I felt as if they were each sharing,
this beautiful sunny afternoon with me.
It was good to remember them and smile.

And so it is,
that once again I digressed.
The post I thought I would write is forgotten.
Instead I thought I’d let you know that,
today the sun beckoned,
my garden called,
and I spent a pleasant afternoon,
in the company of lost friends.

photo credit: Popszi via photopin cc</a

photo credit: foroyar22 via photopin cc

14 thoughts on “An afternoon spent with lost friends.

  1. I love this and think I know what you mean. There are days/moments the memories just trickle back and others when they flood back. Some days, I feel my loved ones who have passed on very close. Never sure why but always grateful. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.

    1. Yes that is just what I meant in this post. And the memories that came back did not make me sad. All in all a lovely afternoon. Thank you for reading and for commenting.

  2. This was really sweet. While working in my garden on a beautiful day with the sun warming my back, I too can feel the presence of those that have past. They come alive once again and share the day with me.

  3. As always, humane content that’s beautifully written. A great reminder to spend time with those we love and that they remain with us in so many ways when they are taken away. Sigh….. You make me feel like I’m inside your head, you write so well.

  4. I’m weepy for a bunch of reasons but this brought a year to my eye. So beautifully written, thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

  5. Hi, tric! Been trying to find a place to share about Our Irish Honeymoon post by my Wife, “Teepee12”. I’d visited Ireland 3-5 times BEFORE we decided on visiting again for our Honeymoon. I’ve always had a love affair with Ireland … even BEFORE discovering my roots. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. You have a new fan here.

    1. Thank you, and delighted to see you visiting an Irish blog! Now you’ve discovered your Irish you’ll definitely be back again. It was obviously in you all along to come “home”.

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