Blogging At WordPress Has Been A Modern Day Education

Three months ago I did not know what a blog was.
It sounded like something that came down your nose!medium_2958508813
However my brother enlightened me,
and led me to the door of wordpress.
My modern education began.

I am not the type of person who could just write,
and never explore the world of wordpress.
I have had great fun,
playing “live preview”,
and seeing what my site with a new theme would be like.
Then quickly returning to the old one.

I have spent mindless hours,
trying to understand all the widgets.
Some I have mastered and used,
but many are still a mystery.
Especially the one.
I mean who puts in a widget that describes me?

My learning has also moved outside of wordpress.
I felt I was missing out,
when I looked at some blogs,
who had all their facebook friends looking at me.
Sometimes more friends than I had followers!
I decided, much to my kids delight embarrassment,
to give “my thoughts on a page” a facebook page.

Setting it up was easy enough,
but now I am supposed to engage with others by using it!small__5947888788
Well that seems a bit pointless,
as I only have five likes,
and four of those who have liked it,
have no interest at all in my writing!
So it is just me talking to myself over there on facebook.
Not exactly the true meaning of social media!

Last night with my sons help,
we decided to use the widget,
“facebook like box”
Oh dear, apologies to anyone seeing my blog,
during this time.
At one point on my page,
was a close up picture of each of my five likes,
but out of pity,
they had been doubled to fill the box,
so two pictures of each of my likes appeared,
and they were quite large!

Eventually as you can see if you look to the right,
we did in fact manage to get the thumbs up.
Another thing learned.

And so at last to the title of this post.small__4901885229
I spent many years in school,
learning history, geography, chemistry, maths etc.
To be honest none of them are really of any great use to me,
in my everyday life.
The world is changing,
and if I am going to keep up and be a part of it,
I need to re educate myself,
and try to learn things that were never taught in school.
Blogging at wordpress has spurred me into action,
and with its much used “help” and “support” sections,
It has helped me to acquire a modern day education.

Now I’m off to google Twitter!

photo credit: Ethan Hein via photopin cc
photo credit: Will Lion via photopin cc
photo credit: mediadeo via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “Blogging At WordPress Has Been A Modern Day Education

  1. Um, hey when you get it all figured out, will you do like a tutorial video… I look at half of the things I “should” be doing and my eyes just glaze over….

    1. I know its sooo boring. As for the tutorial via video, I don’t think so unless I wore a balaclava! Loved your post today. Was rushing earlier reading it, will be back again for another look.

    1. You were the one who liked me and reads me that I spoke of in my post! Thanks Mary, You have a great facebook page. Sometimes I check your page out and then I feel I have all the news so I check out.

  2. You ever needed to solve a quadratic equation since you left school?


    Me. neither!

    Much of what I was taught at school was of absolutely no use to me in the ‘real world’

    1. Oh the nightmare that was school. Two of mine are doing the equivalent of gcse and A levels I think. The amount of needless learning they have to do! Facebook is chicken feed.

    1. Yes that is the hardest thing of all. Knowing people who really know you, might read what you write. Don’t think I will ever “get” facebook but will try.

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