I miss him “My aul man”.

Today, in case you live in a bubble, is Fathers Day. In our house my children are handing over a present and card to their Dad. We will cook a nice dinner for him, leave him in peace to watch the big match, and generally spoil him, as we should.

Over one hundred and eighty miles away, my mom and siblings will travel to leave a present with my Dad, in the form of flowers on his grave. I will spend the day, thinking of him. Wishing that, for just a while, I could spend a few short minutes with him. Wishing with all my heart that I could hear his soft Donegal accent speak to me once more. Wishing that I could sit and chat with him, be held by him and look at his face just one more time.

Because today I especially miss ” my aul man”.

So, just as I did last year I will post this song. It says it all really. In case some of you wonder, in Dublin many refer affectionately to their father as, “The aul fella” or “my old man”. It means father, not an elderly man.

My Old Man.

The tears have all been shed now,we’ve said our last goodbye’s,
His soul’s been blessed,he’s laid to rest,and it’s now I feel alone,
He was more that just a father,a teacher my best friend,
And he can still be heard in the tunes we shared,as we played them on our own.
I never will forget him for he made me what I am,
Though he may be gone memories linger on,
And I miss him,the old man.
As a boy he’d take me walking,through mountain field and stream,
And he’d show me things not known to kings,a secret between him and me,
Like the colours of the pheasent,as she rises in the dawn,
And how to fish and make a wish,beside the holy tree.
Ithought he’d live forever,he seemed so big and strong,
But the minuits fly,the years roll by,for a father and his son,
Then suddenly when it happened,there was so much unsaid,
No second chance to tell him thanks for everything he’s done.

21 thoughts on “I miss him “My aul man”.

  1. So sweet Tric. I thought of you today when I posted this song on FB for my dad. My brother gave us this song at my father’s funeral. Another thing we share in loving and missing our dads.

    1. I remembered that after last years post. It is a fantastic song and I love the Fureys singing it.
      I hope our Dads can know we miss them.

    1. It is safe to say I adored my Dad. He was such a gentle soul, yet led the family in partnership with my mom. His illness brought us even closer, sharing conversations many never would have with their father. His loss at such a young age always seemed so cruel, as well as the manner of his illness.
      But I have a million happy memories, which is more than many have with their fathers.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I’m sorry I was away for a few days so only getting to your comment now. Fathers day is always a day I half dread. although last year and this year it was nice to feature Dad in a post. Made him feel a bit nearer somehow.

    1. It is a fab song, and even though it is sad, I somehow get great comfort from it. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about your Dad too. Fathers day is lonely when they are gone.

  2. So touching as always Tric, I’m sure he was looking down on you yesterday and knew he was in your thoughts. I’ve never spent Fathers Day with my dad either, he left Ireland when I was 8 and I don’t see him much. I feel like I don’t even know him and it’s something that hurts me deeply. Luckily I have a lovely stepfather who I get on great with now.

    1. Fathers day is not ideal for so many. I know I am so lucky to have had a Dad who I really adored and who taught me so much. I’m glad you got to know a man who would be “dad” in your life.
      Sorry I’m so late replying but I was away for a few days.

  3. Sometimes, having memories of our gone loved ones is cruel. Old man here is generally a reference to dad too, bit if I say my old lady, wife is understood. How’s about that?

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