Come see one of Irelands hidden treasures.

If you had the choice of a night away where would you go? Would you stay in Ireland? If so would you go to a town or a remote area? Would you choose to stay in a hotel or a house?

Two of the three pubs in Allihies.
Two of the three pubs in Allihies.

Lucky me. I am away  for a night next week. Now don’t get me wrong I regularly get away with a gang of friends. Only a few weeks ago I wrote about my eventful morning, and near miss with my husbands car, prior to my trip with a possy of girlfriends.  However this is different. This is a night away with himself. Your man I married. The fella who watches television in one room at night, while I blog and ignore him in the other room.
Despite appearances we have great craic together and next week, even if it kills us, we intend to prove that.

As it is quite some time since we were away on our own, this is a big deal. So where are we going I hear you ask? Okay I know you’re not really bothered but I’ll tell you anyway, although those who know me are already shouting out the answer. Next week for our night away we are off to one of Irelands hidden treasures. If I had all the money in the world and could go anywhere, this is the place I would choose.

Allihies Village, hiding in the mountains.
Allihies Village, hiding in the mountains.

I’d go to West Cork. To a small village named Allihies. Far from hustle and bustle. The place that features on my about page photo. My heaven on earth.

We will not stay in a plush hotel, there is none, but instead we will stay in the house of a friend, who will not be there! My husband said, in his foolishness, it’s like home from home. Well let me assure you, as I did him, that not one tiny bit of our home had better be down there. This is to be far removed from home, very very far removed.

I am hoping to walk the hills and enjoy the views. This is a part of Ireland almost unspoiled. Here you can walk the road and meet only a car or two. You can go to any of the three pubs and enjoy music, singing or chat, (and a drink or two), and if that is not to your taste you can sit on the man made beach, filled with a sand like stone which was blasted out of the mountains many years ago, when more than eight hundred were employed in the copper mines.

Who would not enjoy wandering these hills.
Who would not enjoy wandering these hills.

When I return to Allihies, even if the weather is unkind, I leave with my batteries fully charged. When I read of Americans who want to return “to the old country”, I know what they mean, as a part of me breathes again when I arrive in this tiny village in West Cork.

Only a few more sleeps! I can’t wait.

photo credit: þeodriċ æðelfriþ via photopin cc
photo credit: þeodriċ æðelfriþ via photopin cc

30 thoughts on “Come see one of Irelands hidden treasures.

  1. I would love to see Ireland. Someday. Someday when I pluck up the nerve to get on a plane and cross the ocean… My family is mostly Irish– only my children are mutts– with swedish and czech on my husbands side. Someday.

    1. This country loves visitors, so when ever you come you will really enjoy it. Bring the clann, let them get to know their Irish roots. 🙂

  2. Because my ancestors were from Ireland, that is one place I would love to visit. When I see a movie set in Ireland it saddens me that I’ve never been able to get there. Waking Ned Devine is one of my favorite movies because of the people, the location and atmosphere of the village.

    Lovely post, Tric, As usual. 😉

    1. There is a beautiful mini series called “falling for a dance” which was shot here in Allihies. For the scenery alone it is worth watching.
      Thanks so much Jackie, for reading, and commenting and generally making me feel some one reads what I write!

  3. Oh enjoy every minute….spend an amazing weekend there many moons ago….love West Cork ( much nicer than North Cork where I’m from!!) Relax and remember the many reasons you married your husband xx

    1. Oh I can’t wait. And the weather is to be good too. Sometimes life is great, and all those posts where I moan about my kids growing up are forgotten, as I can just walk out and leave them!

  4. Tric, such a lovely post, it has brought memories flooding back to me of a girl I worked with in Edinburgh who had a boyfriend from Allihies, it used to fascinate me, you described it to a tee! Maybe I’ve imagined this, but do I remember her saying something about a cable cart? Xxx

    1. Irelands only cable car is in Allihies. It takes you across to Dursey Island. It can hold one cow or eight people!! We ride it every time we visit. One year the door wouldn’t close and the plastic window was broken. The two Americans with us were so frightened! I might post a photo next week. I think it got updated last year. If you ever get a chance go visit, but don’t tell anyone as it’s charm is it is not on the tourist trek.

  5. Looks beautiful. And how heavenly, a night away just you and your husband! I hope my husband and I can plan something like that! Though with twin one-year-olds it might be challenging for a while yet.

    1. I remember getting away occasionally when the kids were small was like winning the lotto.
      Mind you we haven’t been away on our own for a long time so I am really looking forward to it.
      Might even take a photo or two.

  6. ME! ME! ME! I would enjoy that walk! I would enjoy enjoy ANYTHING in Ireland.

    I will tell you the most fabulous times I’ve had in Ireland were when husband and I got up in the mornings (with family or by ourselves) and drove and drove. We would go down unmarked roads. We would follow every brown sign indicating an historic site. We would stop at every fabulous view (which means we should have just walked Ireland).

    I hope you have a fabulous time when you go. And know that I am jealous. 😉

    1. I guessed when I posted this that I would make you very jealous. Hope to take a few photos to make you even more jealous.

  7. oh, this looks lovely and i can see why it is such a magical place. i’d love to go there, and to ireland in general, and i will. i am half irish after all, a kennedy, and i know i must have some of the family tree still there – enjoy your big getaway, you two crazy kids!

    1. A Kennedy is definitely Irish! Hope you do get here some day. What a great time I have ahead of me, in years to come meeting those of you who will hopefully some day call by.
      It’s a great place to visit if I do say so myself

  8. Looks gorgeous. I really love that barren landscape. It’s so flat where we are in Tipperary. We are very lucky to have such beautiful scenery on our doorstep.
    Have a wonderful time! 🙂

  9. oh my, I can’t wait to see pics and hear all about it. Sounds like heaven! I will be posting also soon about a trip my hubby and I are taking at the end of July for our 16th wedding anniversary. So, are you celebrating anything special?

    1. Life has conspired against us for quite some time, which meant we didn’t get to go away on our own. So this week we are off. The weather forecast is excellent and we both love Allihies. It’s only two days but that will just make it more precious.
      I hope you have a wonderful trip away. Looking forward to seeing those photos.

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