I’m home again, almost!

For those of you who missed me, I am back.

On Tuesday I headed away, just himself and myself to West Cork.
If you have access to my facebook page you will have seen a couple of photos of Allihies.IMG_0348

I knew it would be beautiful. I knew it would be quiet, but it was even better than I hoped.

Thankfully despite knowing each other for nearly thirty years we still had loads to say, and we had time to remember what we liked about each other.

Tomorrow I will try to post a post which might in some way come close to showing you the magic of Allihies. Tonight it is impossible to write of anything, because even though I am back with my family, a part of my heart has still to return.

Sigh… Off to look at photos.

29 thoughts on “I’m home again, almost!

  1. there’s no place like home…like turf dying in the fields, the old rock walls, and the lovely sea. no place like the coast of ireland. cork is grand too. almost as grand as kerry. lol

  2. absolutely stunningly gorgeous!! Glad you had a wonderful time…and still had things to talk about even after 30 years. Way to go!

  3. you and your man get a rare chance to spend some quality time alone with each other, and you expect us to believe you . . . talked ? 😆

  4. p.s. know how you feel, tric

    whenever I turn my laptop on, the background pic reminds me of where my heart lies – http://imgur.com/mzVPQDH

    used to live in the cottage on Luing just up from the ferry

    now if I could only win the lottery and return to my island home – sigh !

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