Why Are We Still Together?

He drives me up the wall,
I can annoy him with just a look.
He drives too slow,
I drive too fast!
He is careful with money,
I enjoy spending.
He is slow to criticize,
I am quick to judge.
He is quiet and thoughtful,small__5809952829
I am loud and sarcastic.
He likes to be home early,
I love to stay out late.
He prefers to be in company,
I love to be alone.
He has so much patience,
I have very little.
He does not like to drink,
I enjoy it very much!

Why do we stay together?
I do not ask.
All I know is,
he brings out the best in me,
and makes me laugh every day!
For us that seems to be enough.

photo credit: trustypics via photopin cc</a

22 thoughts on “Why Are We Still Together?

      1. Thanks. I’m trying to stay topical for the weekend. I should probably write something new about Seamus, but he’s not been around much since that horrible hoax broke his heart. What does “slagging” mean in American terms? Is it like “driving him crazy”?

  1. Yep. I’ve got one of those guys too.
    I kind of have to be nice to mine right now. He’s been racking up some points.
    It’s fun to stop by here. Never know what to expect!
    Very touching-

    1. Thank you. Thats a very nice comment. Maybe its the way my muddled brain works. Be nice to you fella they’re worth the effort! I’m enjoying my visits to you too.

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