The Best Hug

Hug (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

Last night I went into my youngest daughters bedroom to see her just before I went to bed. She was fast asleep. I leaned over to kiss her goodnight.
She was so warm and smelled of sleep

She stirred and still asleep reached up with a big smile, and hugged me so tight.
Then fell fast asleep again.
It was such a lovely moment.

It made me think of all the hugs in my life.

The “comforting” hug, of my mum as she held me on her lap when a wasp stung me as a young child.
The “Welcome Home” hug I gave my Dad after he had been away at work.
The “Passionate” hug shared with my boyfriend (now husband) after weeks apart.
The hug of “Condolence” shared with my friends on the death of my Dad.
The “Celebratory” hug each time my mum heard I was pregnant.
The “Good Morning” hug given by my children, as babies, when I went to their cot in the morning.

However to me the number one hug is:

The “Spontaneous” hug, given for no reason at all.

What would be your favourite?

Comments are always welcome.

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