“Are you Alright?”

Men brave enough to ask their partners this question, I salute you.

Men who dread asking this I suggest you read on.

Isn’t it incredible that even to those we are closest to we cannot answer this honestly?

Isn’t it strange that we can undress and reveal all to someone and yet not be able to show them how we really feel, tell them what is really bothering us?.

Sometimes I wonder is it all a test?

Are we deliberately not telling in order to see if our partners;
1.Notice that something is up?
2.Care enough to try to figure it out.
3. Love us!

We all communicate. We use language, laughter, tears, hand gestures (not two fingers, i mean waving and pointing!). We even communicate using silence. It should be easy therefore to understand each other fully.

Popular Italian Gestures [pic]
Popular Italian Gestures [pic] (Photo credit: methodshop.com)
However we communicate in riddles.

We smile….at someone we dislike.
We say “I’m fine”…when we are definitely not fine.
We say “I want to be alone”….when we are oh so lonely.
We say “it’s not you, its me”… when it is very definitely you.
We cry sometimes.. but they are tears of joy.
We say ” you look lovely”… when they do not.
We say “see you again soon”… when we mean never.
We shout “Get out”… when we wish they would stay.

Men have always struggled with womens inability to say it as it is.
Women have always struggled with mens inability to see it as it is.

However at last help is at hand. Modern technology has come to the rescue. How many it has helped we will never know.

How has it helped?

Now a man can text a woman, “Wots up?xx”, or “U OK?xx” and she can text back exactly what he has done to upset or offend her!

Understanding her problem, well that’s another story.

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