Series of Letters. Letter 20

Letter number 20 is a heartbreaking letter written by a mother to her missing daughter. As of today she is still missing. The letter is written by the writer of the blog Americana Injustica. 2014 Letters to a Ghost. I awoke this morning, chilled by the residual sweat of a nightmare…saturated by a deepened fear … More Series of Letters. Letter 20

Keep Out.

As a child I was surrounded by family. My every emotion was on display, as were the emotions of my family. It was here that I learned that words roared and shouted in an argument, lived on well after the argument ended. Gradually I began to shout less, preferring to walk away usually with the … More Keep Out.

I am okay.

For as long as I can remember I have been a fighter. I fought with my brothers and sisters, I fought with my parents,teachers and friends. I hated rules and conformity, I did not wish to follow a leader. When I was a teenager life was hard for me, and my family never knew. What … More I am okay.

I am relying on wordpress to look after me in my old age.

I can remember one day whilst on holidays in Donegal, passing a church. A coffin was being wheeled out, and the only people following it, were the priest and the lady who looks after the church. No relatives, no friends. I was a teenager at the time, but I can remember being so struck, by … More I am relying on wordpress to look after me in my old age.