To The One Who Said He Liked Me.

You told me you liked me.
Delighted and easily pleased,
I believed you.
Wordpress sent me an email,
assuring me you thought my post was awesome,small__6297475943
I was happy.
You even followed me!

But who were you?
Why would you care about my little blog?
I went and checked you out.
Spending time on your blog,
reading your posts and finding out “about” you.

Then the next day you didn’t call.
Days and weeks passed,
still no contact.
I made contact with you on your blog,
and you replied,
but never showed the same affection.
Why did you dump me?
Was I no longer awesome?

I saw your following numbers soar.small__6868171671
You had hundreds more than when
I followed you,
a few short weeks ago.

I wiped my tears,
and decided to move on.
But I was curious.

I began to see you everywhere.
You “liked” so many others.
I checked freshly pressed topics.
Oh my goodness you liked every single post.

Reality dawned.
It wasn’t me, it was you!
You were marketing your blog.
Fair play to you,
but what was in it for me?
Why would our relationship be,
that I read you, but you never read me?
And more embarrasing was the fact,
I had fallen for this more than once.

So a lesson learned,
I am needy, and like to be liked.small__5785978957
However if you introduce yourself to me,
and never again call,
I might very well unfollow you.
But then again I might not,
because sadly I must admit,
I do really “like” some of your blogs.

I just wish wordpress would change that “like” button.
So you can only really “like”,
if you click on the site.
And I also wish they would add a,
“check me out” button,
so we can truly know if we are “liked”.

In fact as well as wordpress,
wouldn’t it be great,
if Jesus, or whoever you believe in,
could work on a similar button,
for future generations to use whilst dating.

photo credit: misspixels via photopin cc
photo credit: ALEGNA MARIE via photopin cc
photo credit: zubrow via photopin cc

91 thoughts on “To The One Who Said He Liked Me.

  1. …I’m afraid to press ‘Like’…but I did really like it! Don’t feel obliged to check out my blog of follow me or anything. Just know that I thought that this is a really good blog. (if I could comment without you knowing who I am, I would, so you don’t feel like you have to go visit my blog in return) πŸ™‚

    1. oh Jesus I never thought that no one will press the “like” on this one! ha ha ha. I think that is hilarious. This post was a thought process really. How do you get your blog out if no one knows about you.”liking” is the only way. But I do see some just click every new post, without ever reading them which is a disservice to the blogger who put time into the post. And I forgot to say that I actually love checking out every new “like” including yours!! Delighted with the like and comment.

      1. Thank you for that…
        I won’t be clicking like on your posts anymore…i will just have to comment “like” until it drives you mad…:)

  2. I’ve thought about this lately. I recently saw another post titled, Look-at-me Likes, which got me thinking. After reading your post, I’ve a newly developed “Like” cynicism. I’m with you on this. (and I really do like you :))

    1. Thanks a mil. I’d hate us to get cynical as the vast majority of bloggers are genuine two way street people. I suppose wordpress offers us no other way to introduce ourselves so some will abuse it but more wont. It was a post to say I know what you are doing.

  3. I have a tendency to only comment on posts that I feel I can contribute to OR if I’m at my laptop because comments on the wp app on my phone are a pain in the keister.
    ….and i will have you know that I made sure to comment on this post from the evil phone app from the *bathtub* even so that you would know that my love for you is real

        1. I’ve had posts liked before it would be humanly possible for somebody to read it in its entirety. It took me a bit to figure out what was going on. It made me feel so dirty.

        2. I was believing your comment until the last line. Are you back in the bath? If not I know they couldn’t be that fast at reading, but some of them have good blogs which is even worse!

  4. I came back to say that I say embrace it all..our neediness, genuineness, self-centeredness, …
    And you remind me to take it even a little more lightly β™‘ L
    My husband took my little daughter to a bday party and I can’t focus on what to do first! Freedom πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. I so know how you feel. On Thursday I was childfree from 9 until 5. I was in a spin. What would I like to do. In the end I lost my phone and wasted 2 hours but I still had a great day. Enjoy your freedom and thanks for disturbing your day to comment and visit.

  5. So you’ve been digitally dumped?

    Some bloggers are so flighty, trifling with our emotions and then moving on to their next ‘conquest’ πŸ™„

    1. You are one crazy blogger. Love this. I will cease my crying and listen to this. It is definitely “something for the weekend”. I think my broken heart and hurt feelings will mend.

        1. And you have been using this trick ever since!!! I do know there is nothing wrong with generating a big following and I would actually like to have a big following but in the words of meatloaf.. “But I wont do that!”.

        2. Nah, I don’t believe in that. I prefer to have followers who actually read my posts and like them. Happy with my tiny blog as it is.

  6. I lke this. And I read it all. Here on your lovely blog. I recognise your feeling- I wrote a post about the same subject (called “The serial liker”) when I noticed that some people were clicking on “like” when the post had only been on line for 15 seconds. Never underestimate the potential your blog has as a springboard for others. But there are those who want quantity, and those who want quality: I prefer to know that I have three real “likes” than gadzillions of visiting cards left on my virtual coffee table.

    1. Thanks for being brave enough to “like”! I do love calling cards as without them I would never check anyone out, Its just the thought that someone never even read my rubbish is what grates.

      1. It’s NOT rubbish, that’s the whole point. Sometimes equal treatment is unfair- you get the same recogition as someone who uses ther blogs to peddle their wares (and there’s a fair wack of them). Unfair, but there you go. It’s part of the deal. Igonre them and enjoy the positive side of blogging: contact with those who enjoy it as mch as you do. πŸ™‚

  7. Haha I hesitate to click on “like” now but when I “like” you, I really do! In any case, my profile is only linked back to my WordPress blog which I have unfortunately abandoned for my self-hosted site :p ok Iiked this anyway! :p

      1. Haha yes that’s right! Thanks for trying again. By the way, after you key in your email address to follow, you’ve got to click on some link in an email that is sent to you to confirm the follow. You may want to check your spam for that! :p

        1. oh dear. I would hate to think your hard work is spammed. I will check it out again! Hope to see you on your site soon.

  8. I feel your pain. I discovered pretty quickly that this blogging game is full of shim-sham artists who write for all the wrong reasons. Write from your heart, as you do, and the rest will fall into place.

  9. Oh I forgot…I have a segment on my blog call Reblog Friday…I pick 5 sometimes more blogs that I find awesome and reblog them…I made it a point not to ask permission of bloggers to reblog their stuff…but since you are so sensitive πŸ™‚ I figure I will ask, no tell you I will be rebloging your post come friday…smiles…until

  10. I too wondered how in the world people “liked” my post before it was even possible to have read it – this explains everything! Thank you!

    And I do read everything I “like”. I also read a ton of things I don’t “like” as well – mostly because of receiving the articles on email feed – my work email will get the posts, but I cannot log back in to actually like the things I read. I have to remember to go back later – doesn’t always happen.

    {hangs head in shame….}

  11. Very interesting post, tric. I share your feelings, for I have gone through the same experience not too long ago. Initially I did take some of the “like”s too seriously, believing that my post was actually read, and often thinking positively that I have found a friend – even though totally unknown and from some distant land, who appreciates my amateur efforts. And it’s a good feeling to have, even though it may not be the reality. Thanks for a good thought-provoking post – as always!

  12. Great post! I really don’t have time to play the games, myself. Glad to know there are so many people who feel the same way. On another note, have you ever checked out the search terms some people use to find their way to your blog? Some of them make me want to go and wash my eyeballs out with something caustic!!

    1. Ha ha. “Man wakes up and blows boy” was my worst. I still haven’t figured what post he was directed to. Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting.

  13. There are a lot of WordPress sites that don’t have like buttons showing.
    I think you can choose to set it up that way… people have to comment…or….just go their way.
    Love the photo with the mascara running!

  14. lol… I do like this a lot! You need not wonder “why?!?”, since I’ve found this page via OM’s post on HarsH ReaLiTy πŸ™‚ And now that I’ve bookmarked this page, I’ll be back in a bit to check out more posts ❀

    1. Delighted to see you visit. Me and OM go way back, but he has moved on to greatness. Call over any time I’ll have the kettle on!

  15. This is so very true. The second my blog went live I got follower before I’d even posted anything. I followed him.. Haven’t heard from him since. I am using my blog as a portfolio too, but I do get a great thrill from blogging.. Waiting for the day everyone realises I’m bonkers!
    I’m not bothered by my poor stats, comments are most important to me. Likes are very nice too though. :0)

    1. It takes time to get an audience. I have, on paper, lots of followers but in reality I think only a fraction of that regularly read and even less comment.
      Blogging is more than the stats or the likes I think It’s really all about the writing for me, but the stats and the likes are a very pleasant by product when they come our way.
      It’s been great connecting with you in 2013, I hope your writing continues to be a source of pleasure for you in 2014.

      1. Once I get an idea in my head, I rarely give up.. sometimes it can be a bad thing.
        I’ll just keep at it, bit by bit.
        Reading your blog is a great escapism for me. I hope you never give up.

        Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Anja. Your “like” is noted! Great to see you visit. Just popped over to yours. I like what I see. I’ll be back when I get a minute in then next few days.

  16. I put likes on nearly everything I read because even if it is about something dull to me, it will still teach me a little about writing or how other people think

    1. That’s an interesting thought. Sometimes I look at a post and I see so much thought and work has gone into it and I wish the blogger had a bigger audience. I too think we all have a lot to learn.

      1. Well I appreciate the idea of learning. I Think perhaps I am doing so a little too freely and without enough motivation

  17. I SO agree with you about the “like” button. It has become an almost meaningless click for some…I have seen the facebook likes clicked on without anyone reading them; it’s much the same for some. It is good that it is “for some.” For others, like me, we understand your feelings, we empathize. Ironically, this is the first time in about 24 hours I have been able to press a like button and it works.

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