Sticks and stones…

There is an old saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me,’ I’ve never agreed with that as there are some words which can do more damage than any bone break ever would.  However, tonight I discovered another reason to disbelieve it. Tonight, I finished a story for my … More Sticks and stones…

And… Breathe

While holidaying in heaven recently, (Allihies, West Cork) yer man and myself went to visit Dzoghen Beara. It’s a buddhist retreat centre between Castletownbere and Allihies. We’d not been there before. Well, that’s not exactly true. We drove into it about fourteen years ago and on getting out of the car were struck by the … More And… Breathe

Tick tock.

There are times in life when the child within us is never too far from the surface. So it is with me as I count the hours until I head off to my favourite place in all the world… Allihies. This is what the Summer is all about. Getting the chance to get away for … More Tick tock.

July. Time for an update on how my writing is going.

Here is the latest article I shared on my writing progress, in July’s Inspiration Diaries. I will reblog the original also, which will give you the chance to follow the progress of my two fellow writers, Casey King and Clare Daly, as we journey along, hoping this is the year we become published authors. Tric … More July. Time for an update on how my writing is going.

Lucky charm.

I think it is fair to say, we all have some special items we possess, which we treasure. They may be old letters, or cards, a souvenir given by a well meaning child returning from a trip away, jewellery of great or little value or something which reminds you of a special someone. My many … More Lucky charm.