Remembering Elma.

Last Sunday I went to mass. Not because I’m a good Catholic, but to stand beside a family who are hurting. One year ago, Elma, a kind, gentle, lady of tremendous strength died suddenly.  She was a wife, a daughter and a wonderful mother. While a young mother’s loss is always enormous, this family were … More Remembering Elma.

A request.

For a long time this blog was a source of comfort to me, a place to speak from the heart and soul, a place I went to daily to ruminate or offload. But, that was in the olden days, before so many found it and I became more conscious of who was reading. However, just … More A request.

Life offline.

I’ve been blogging for four years and up to this year posted regularly. However, in more recent times I’ve taken a step back. Why? Because I’m enjoying living. Yes, I’m spending more time honing my writing skills on short stories and trying to lessen the time I spend online. How’s my WIP going? It’s not. … More Life offline.