At what age do we stop dreaming?

As a child we dreamed of growing up,
standing on chairs to be as tall as our parents.
Imagining what life would be like at that height.small_3604730859

Young daughters imagined they would grow up to be mothers,
and have children of their own.
Future careers were imagined, such as teacher or shopkeeper,
and any other career they had been exposed to.
Even being a princess seemed possible.
Similarly young boys dreamed of a future,
driving trains or flying planes.
Being a super hero was also on the list.

As the years passed we continued to dream.
We dreamed of finishing school.
Going to college, and the career we would pursue.
Some dreamed of money, others had more altruistic visions.
Of helping others through education or health programes.

And of course we all dreamed of credit: <a href="">ashleypatty34</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Finding “the One”, our soulmate for life.
Having a family and a happy home.

Now I am older I wonder today,
“Have I stopped dreaming?”.
If I am still dreaming what are my dreams now?
I am married and have a lovely family.
A home, and a part time job.
Have all my dreams come true?
Or is it natural for us all to want more.

For myself as I type this up today,
I think I have actually stopped dreaming.
Life has perhaps taught me not to,
as to dream is only to wish for.
I would prefer to go out there and do.

I wonder do those of you who will read this still dream?
Is it with age we stop?photo credit: <a href="">Bob AuBuchon</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="
or experience?
Maybe some people continue to dream all their lives?

For myself however I think the reality is,
I have not stopped wanting,
but I have stopped dreaming.

photo credit: ashleypatty34 via photopin cc
photo credit: sciencesque via photopin cc
photo credit: Bob AuBuchon via photopin

32 thoughts on “At what age do we stop dreaming?

  1. Thank you for your reflection! I’m not sure I will ever stop dreaming, but my dreams are now more realistic. I do what I can to make them come true, and often have to put them on hold or modify them, but as long as there is life and new possibilities, I hope to never stop dreaming.

    1. That sounds like a most satisfying arrangement! I would have thought if I was asked that I would say “yes I will always dream”. However as I reflected on it for this post I came to the conclusion that I don’t think I do. It has made me continue to think and wonder though.

  2. ‘my dreams are more realistic now’ – that in black and white is why we stop dreaming! As children we are unlimited and unrestrained by ‘reality’. The older we become the more I fears grow. Our dream time is replaced by fear time. It’s not that we have all we want and stop dreaming, we stop dreaming because we lose what we need TO DREAM. Just saying ….

    1. Maybe. However in my head if I dream of something it is quite passive, more a wish. If I want something I will try my best to make it happen. Maybe it comes down to interpretation of the word? I am not sure. Or maybe I have most of what I want and am more content? Or maybe as you say I am afraid to over stretch myself? Oh dear I will be up thinking all night! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for commenting.

        1. Oh for goodness sake. This post sent me round in circles more than once! It was a good one though to make me think. Thanks for adding to it with your comment.It was great to get so many different points of view. Well actually mine seemed to be the only different one!

  3. I have never stopped dreaming, it seems to be a rich and creative part of who I am. I am happy with who I am, and for me dreaming adds an exta layer of color to my life )

    1. I feel I am missing out now! Maybe I will try to be less real and dream once more. I can’t believe how this post has prompted me to re think. It has never happened in any other topic I have written about. Thanks for the prompt!

    1. Thank you. Yes I like the idea of seeing dreams as possibilities. As I said, I think of dreams as wishes but maybe if I thought of them as possibilities I would dream once more.

  4. Don’t know the answer to your question, but I do so very much love the inquiry. It does make me wonder though, do you think, is there anything wrong with dreaming? Or is it just that someday you come to a point when you’ve satisfied all your desires for the present moment? I hope to never stop dreaming, it keeps me alive right now these days, gets me through if you know what I mean. But ohh how I do also so hope that one day I will be able to take a rest from the “wanting” and say ohh my, this is IT. THIS is all I’ve ever most wanted from life except so much more than I ever could have even have imagined. Maybe it’s foolish to think, but yet perhaps that’s my ultimate dream. For a break from reality for a brief moment to breathe in and just be and exist from within this ultimate dream. But what do I know? ;0)

    1. Years ago I just wanted out of a nightmare and to be happy. I have luckily done both, so I wonder is it because I am happy I do not dream or as an earlier comment asked do I fear dreams? I do however still want, but what I want I feel is different to a dream I might have,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I hope all your dreams come true!

  5. I’m giving you a Liebster award Tric. It’s a totally awesome chain letter award that requires you to answer a shitload of questions and gives you nothing in return. Congratulations. Look at my blog for the rules and as always…stay dirty.

    1. Thank you so much! I have a few of these in my pocket I will have to attend to them soon. I will be over to check it out. Thanks again..

  6. Oh dreams, I dream all the time and they have changed so much over the years it’s hard to remember them all. I don’t think we ever stop dreaming I think we dream of different things in a more realistic way. We know life doesn’t turn out how we always dreamed and so our dreams alter to fit reality. We dream of our children being happy, finding someone to love them correctly, enjoying time with out spouse, perfectly that unfinished novel or learning to slow down and start enjoying things differently. All are dreams, just some more achievable than others and having more achievable dreams make us fill more fulfilled. So we just dream smarter…I think. This is all of course a theory that I am still testing ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post Tric!

    Nรก caill do chuid aislingรญ choรญche

    1. Thank you. That’s a good one, we dream smarter! I do actually dream that my children will have happy lives, so maybe it is just dreaming for myself I have stopped. Love the Irish comment too!

  7. If old Mo could lead a boatload of people into freedom at 80, if Sarah could have a baby at 90, If Caleb could kick a pile of giants’ butts at 85, and take over their city, then 80 must be the new 40. That makes 50(ish) the new 25. I’ve got a lot of living to do yet, and have a lot of old dreams that I want to see come to pass. This year I recorded a CD and two audio books, wrote a Bible study, and now this blog. I say, “dust off the cobwebs, Dearie, and go for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. I don’t think so. It is probably just the innocence of childhood that makes every dream a possibility. As I have grown older I seem to have come to believe that a dream is only a wish and not something I am likely to achieve.
      Whereas if I want something I do not spend time dreaming of it, it’s possible or not.

      1. The word ‘dream’ always makes me think of Martin Luther King’s speech which I have revisited many times over the years.

        I agree with your comment. I think desire may be a better word to use for things I want to achieve in this part of my life..

  8. I think you stop when you are totally content with all you have…maybe you are just content and happy with the life you have…thats a good place to be.

    1. Thanks Mocha. Maybe I am, or maybe I lack ambition or am just settling? I have to admit this post drove me a bit mad over thinking it afterwards. However as with everything time marched on and so did I! Nice to see you back here.

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