So, how are you all doing?

What a difference a few weeks make? We are truly living through history. It’s hard to believe that this virus has effectively brought to a halt much of the world. Here in Ireland we are not too many weeks into it. We watched in dismay as it took hold in China and Italy and for … More So, how are you all doing?

Capturing the moments.

Growing up most of our photographs were of holidays, birthdays, gatherings or special occasions. If I were to have taken a ‘selfie’ as a teenager, people would have questioned my sanity. Nowadays, I rarely pose or share photos of myself and often forget to take my camera out during special occasions, but that doesn’t mean, … More Capturing the moments.


So, it’s been way too long since we chatted. Now that I’m not writing my column in the Examiner, I seem to never get the chance to go online to blog. You’ll be pleased to know I am working away on my memoir and it’s going ok. I’ll post our October diaries in the next … More Men!