Real, live book news

Believe it or not the day has finally arrived when I can announce to the world my book. It has a name, Above Water, and a publisher,  @HachetteIre and a date… February 4th 2021. It also has a cover!

I had imagined this day, during the many days of writing, and thought it would be one in which I would celebrate loudly. However, after all the work and the excitement of getting to this moment I find myself quiet, postponing that leap from private to public as I converse with the girl I once was, reassuring her that it is time.

So, deep breaths and here I go. Just click on the link for the big reveal and your chance to pre-order.

12 thoughts on “Real, live book news

      1. Yes, without a doubt! You are such an amazingly strong woman and I am so very happy for you. Doesn’t it feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders? I found that writing it out got it out of my mind and freed up so much inner thinking space. It’s hard to describe but I am sure that you have been feeling the same thing.

  1. It looks truly brilliant Tric. Am delighted for you as I know covers can be a scary thing on themselves. Will be rooting for you every minute of this tough but hopefully rewarding journey. Hugs.

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