July. Time for an update on how my writing is going.

Here is the latest article I shared on my writing progress, in July’s Inspiration Diaries. I will reblog the original also, which will give you the chance to follow the progress of my two fellow writers, Casey King and Clare Daly, as we journey along, hoping this is the year we become published authors.

Tric Kearney.

Anyone who’s suffered a major loss will know it is temporarily paralysing. However, sometimes someone comes along, at just the right time, to lift you back onto your feet. So it was for me this month, as I spoke with writer in residence Denyse Woods about my WIP memoir, at our library’s monthly writing workshop. She suggested I try to get an agent.

As I listened to her I couldn’t but think to myself, what notions. However, another part of me was reminded of a writer at Wexford Literary Festival who said, if you think you’ve written a good story, why would you not want someone to read it? With the fire in my belly stoked, I googled, ‘query letters.’

I’m sure there are some among you who remember what it was like to write an actual letter on pen and paper? To look at the blank page and begin by addressing it, hopeful a reply would come quickly to that very address. You may remember the butterflies you felt as you sealed the envelope and that moment of uncertainty as you held onto your letter, dangling it in the mouth of the letter-box, unsure whether you should let it drop.

As I typed and deleted my query letter many times I was reminded of those real letters, and while this was an email, the feelings of hope, mixed with a large dollop of uncertainty, were the same, as I pondered how best to word my request and hovered over the send button. In fact, if Denyse hadn’t so kindly offered to check it over, I might very well be currently still hesitating.

However, I did send it, and now I wait, hopeful that someone will believe, as I do, that mine is a story worth reading.

For details of The Inspiration Project click here. I attended it last year and credit it with my adopting an ‘I can,’ attitude to writing.

6 thoughts on “July. Time for an update on how my writing is going.

  1. Congrats!!! You have jumped over the comfort zone line and taken a leap of faith! So happy for you! I am doing the same thing right now with my art. I am working on two pieces to submit to an art competition in August. If you had asked me at age 20 if I was an artist my answer would be no. If you were to ask me now, it might still be no, but I am jumping out of my comfort zone too and taking a risk. Best wishes on your writing adventures, knowing a bit of your story, you so do need to write this book. They would be fools not to snap it up and say YES!!!!

    1. Thank you Charlene, fellow warrior. I think we are well equipped to battle on and see no boundaries. How fantastic to be pursuing a new dream. I wish you every good wish. Having seen your art I believe you are indeed an artist. Keep us posted as to how you get on, but more importantly… enjoy.

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