The trouble with Brexit.

Everyday it’s in our news here in Ireland, what will happen if there is no deal on Brexit? Could we end up with a hard border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the country? Who cares?

I don’t pretend to be up to date on the politics of it all but the word border brings back nothing but bad memories. Where there is a border there are two sides.

Happily there are children alive in the North today who have no memory of ‘The Troubles.’ No memory of the hatred and bitterness, the atrocities on both sides and the loss of lives. While I know the wounds are still there for many, the further we get away from those days the better chance we have of integration and a lasting peace.

With no deal on Brexit can we be sure the fragile peace wont be affected? Could we go back to ‘the troubles’ here in Ireland?

I’m not sure, but I don’t believe we’ve moved far enough away from the bad old days to be sure we would never go back.

I was listening to Phil Coulter in concert last night. He spoke about Derry and said if he were to be remembered for one song it would be, “The town I loved so well.” If you’ve time, enjoy it, but if you wish to be reminded of what was happening every day on the streets of Derry in the not too distant past, flick the video forward to 3.30. (“with their tanks and their guns, oh my God what have they done, to the town I loved so well.) Our peace is precious. Long may it last.

7 thoughts on “The trouble with Brexit.

    1. It would be a terrible tragedy Beth. As a country it’s hard to take that once again Britain are dictating our future.
      Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU.

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