Update on the Beast.

In case you actually care and are refreshing your computers hourly, unable to sleep with worry about me and the whole country of Ireland, I thought I’d update you and advise you that I am in fact still alive.

As for the Beast from the East, well who can I sue?

I listened intently for days and was definitely told that Dublin and the East was to get the worst of it, beginning Tuesday night and Wednesday. We were to be affected in the South of the country but not until Thursday and Friday.

Well someone got their maps upside down!

That monster hit us last night (Tuesday) and has battered us a lot of the day. As I type, the snow is pelting down and judging by the sky there’s a lot more coming our way. Our poor village was cut off from early morning.

But not enough to stop yer man braving the blizzard and walking over an hour to work!

However mid morning the Beast did pause for a nap. During that time the sun came out and myself and two of my young ladies pulled on our layers and headed out into the amazing wonderland that is snow.

It had transformed our village. They say ‘What’s rare is wonderful,’ and the views were indeed just that.


Unfortunately tomorrow is to be a dreadful day. So bad that we’ve all been told we must be home by four o clock tomorrow afternoon. I cannot help but smile every time I hear that, it’s as if the government are our parents, insisting no one is to be out later than four! After four we are to expect monstrous winds and snow creating ‘blizzards’ and bringing up to 50 cm of snow.

50cms! We thought we were snowed in today with the 10 cm we measured out the back.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, my Friday trip away with my friends is cancelled. One of our group did suggest we go to a local coffee shop, advise our friendly proprietor we’d like wine and stay there. In her own words she said, ‘I’d have no problem sitting there for ten hours.’

However, that’s not feasable, especially now Storm Emily is on her way. I’m hoping come next Christmas I’ll be over the disappointment!


I hope those of you affected by this Beast are safe and well. As for those of you lucky feckers enjoying Spring weather elsewhere in the world… I will try to not be bitter, but if this snow lasts until Sunday as they are predicting, you and I might not be able to continue as friends.

20 thoughts on “Update on the Beast.

  1. I’m not one of the lucky ones…holed up until the beast finds somewhere else to play, and there’s two days of horrible coming up…batten down the hatches!

  2. glad at least you are enjoying the beauty of it all. sorry about your trip, i know that’s a huge disappointment, but that just means you’ll get to make a new set of plans. glad you are okay and would love to see a photo of you lying in the snow and making a snow angel ))

  3. That’s the unbeauty of the snow, the cancellations etc. Himself is a tough one. Though I am jealous of his hour long workout.

    Don’t unfriend me. I am VERY unhappy about our unseasonably warm weather here. I have 12 Irish sweaters I have JUST for cold weather and I’m wearin’ the feckers no matter HOW warm it is.

    Stay safe!

    1. Hahahaha. I can so picture you in all your Irishness in the heat wearing those jumpers. (Yes Colleen, don’t let the side down, they are ‘jumpers.’

  4. Your humor cracks me up, Tric, and I can’t get over your hubby walking over an hour to work. Yikes! Sorry you missed your girl’s time, but now you have that to look forward to all over again. Stay warm, and though the snow causes havoc, it’s stunningly beautiful and something we don’t get in the bay area (CA). πŸ™‚ Hey, you could always build a snowman, take a pic, and share it.

    1. Glad you enjoyed my humour. The snow cane with a vengeance and we had s ball. It’s almost gone already thank goodness as we are all ready to get back to living.
      Igloos and snowmen were built but look very sorry for themselves now.

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