Waiting for Storm Emma. Anyone seen her?

Hear ye. Hear ye. Listen up and I’ll give you the latest from the southern capital of Ireland on the Beast and Storm Emma.

As advised by those trained in weather forecasting, the country shut down today at 4pm. At precisely 3.59 pm, all over the country people raced in their driveways and slammed doors in anticipation of Storm Emma getting it on with the Beast.

It’s now 7.20pm and there’s not a whisper outside.

I did think a little while ago I saw two of the upper branches on one of our trees wave in a slight breeze but now I believe it was just myself swaying from exhaustion after looking out the window for the past few hours.

There have been local rumours that someone at the top of the village was hit on the head by a snowflake but seemingly it was only posted on snapchat and has since disappeared, as has the snowflake, so we cannot confirm this possible worrying development.

Having listened to the latest weather forecast meteorologists are standing by their predictions of massive snow and blizzards. However a worrying addition to their weather speak has been the introduction of phrases such as, ‘these storms are unpredictable,’ and ‘we do our best but things can change.’

Watching the news report tonight was a little embarrassing too as there were aphoto credit: Doolallyally <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/48542598@N07/38397780111">Beer Village</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/">(license)</a> group of American visitors interviewed on the deserted streets of one of our towns. They’d just come from some state in the U.S. where there was one and a half feet of snow. Behind them, if you looked real close, you could see a smattering of snow on the ground.

‘Do you think Ireland has gone a little over the top with our red alert over the beast?’ they were asked.

To be honest I didn’t hear what they actually said, but I now know what hysterical laughter sounds like.

Here in my own home, having been holed up together now for two full days, we have finished the emergency supplies. It’s true almost all chocolate and cakes are now gone. If this goes on we will have to actually open the bread and milk we bought because everyone else was buying it. Thankfully supplies of wine are good for at least another week.

I’d better leave you all now as I’ve not looked out the window for at least five minutes and it would kill me after all this waiting if I actually missed Emma.

Tune in again soon for another update on the most exciting weather event in Ireland in years and if you’re in Ireland, remember, don’t go out!

photo credit: emiliokuffer Noches violentas via photopin (license)

28 thoughts on “Waiting for Storm Emma. Anyone seen her?

  1. Glad the supplies of wine are holding up, Tric. I can own up to having been attacked by a few snowflakes on Monday, and sensibly I’ve not set foot outside in the days since…..

  2. Spent the day in similar fashion… watching the obese avians who have been fed to capacity over the past two days… and ne’er a snowflake in the past couple of hours. I’m *exhausted* waiting!!!

    1. Oh yes, those feckers have me eaten out of house and home and the mean in me comes out when I see crows out there.
      Sorry to have taken you from your watch for so long in order to read this, back you go and let me know if you see anything.

    1. We were lucky and missed the awful wind and the loss of electricity, but it’s been snowing twenty four hours so we are pretty stuck.
      How are you faring?

    1. Wrong. No awful winds but it’s snowing non stop for 24 hours so trapped here. We will just have to go back to the drawing board.

  3. So glad to hear you’re holding up well. When I was in the grocery store today I thought about buying a loaf of bread to show my solidarity. But who am I kidding…I knew you’d rather I buy wine and chocolates. Let me know if you need me to ship some over.

    1. Good thinking Tanya, and I intend to enjoy my chocolate and wine tonight, although it’s not a patch on the day I was supposed to be having with my girlfriends.
      Mind you we have had a wonderful time here at home with the family so I can’t complain too much.

  4. Waiting, waiting, and the neighbours probably think I am spying on them, I have twitched the currtains so often!!

  5. Love it. Watching from sunny Australia I thought they were a bit over the top but then saw that different parts of the country were fairly bad. Keep in reporting for those of us missing hmmh not it.

    1. Actually even though Emma gave those of us in Cork a miss we have mountains of snow. It’s been snowing non stop for close to 24 hours now and we are pretty much cut off as are most places.
      Enjoy the heat and the sun. It’s so hard to even imagine it here.

  6. They say being prepared is what is most important, so I hope you survive ok before the wine runs out, though it must be worrying what it might be like should it ever turn up at your door, good luck Tric, hope the bread is still freshish still.

    1. Welll Mick Emma gave us here in Cork as skip but the snow is massive and never ending. So unusual for us. Mind you I’ve at least another four days wine so we should be okay. I’m not sure about such sundries as milk and bread!

    1. Well Colleen we had no crazy blizzard and gusting wind, but the snow is falling non stop for the past 24 hours and it’s really deep. The village is cut off as are most villages all over the country. It’s mad.
      We are having a ball here, out walking in the beautiful transformed and peaceful countryside and this afternoon was spent making an igloo, (I was the photographer!)

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