Tonight is the night after last night and I’m slowly recovering. The wonderful thing about a night away with a gang of friends is the memories it creates. Tonight as I sit here, a shadow of the woman I was when I headed away early yesterday morning, I can be heard chuckling at intervals as I remember the fun and the madness.

I am so very lucky to have two groups of wonderful friends and a husband who has no problem manning the fort while I go away to enjoy myself. I am also lucky to live in a place where we can travel such short distances and yet be in the midst of spectacular scenery.

While I cannot share the faces and much of what we got up to, I can show you some of the places we’ve been to in the past few weeks on various nights or days away. While there is much about life in Ireland which is not perfect, it’s scenery is beautiful and I cannot imagine anywhere I’d prefer to live.

A trip to Inchydonney, titled on my facebook page, ‘Home for the next 24 hours’.

An impromptu lunch date with my daughter in Kinsale, sitting outside with this view for company.

Yesterday’s trip away to West Cork, beginning with an 8/10 km walk around Glandore.

After which Daniel’s mum and I stopped off at a small strand. Two very definitely not nuns, on ‘the nuns strand’. There we both cast stones for Daniel (he’d be a lot more impressed with the skip skapping skills from one of us than the other), before we joined the gang for lunch.

The evening was spent up the top of another mountain. There was no sun, very strong winds…and prosecco. The night continued with a fabulous meal, a trip to a pub and a nightcap or two back at the house.

We returned to our own lives early today tired but happy, with memories aplenty.

                                 “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”



12 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. Sounds like you have had some great times recently, and I do like that quote! Oh, and did you save me any Prosecco, Tric?

    1. I am indeed and while it’s lovely to share fun days and nights together the value of friendship really shows itself in difficult times. In that way I’ve found myself very rich.

  2. Sounds like it was a lovely trip. I read once that it’s so much better to spend money on experiences such as holidays and time with friends rather than on stuff. So nice to have some happy memories with friends

    1. I totally agree. I hope in my dotage I’m to be found chuckling away reliving the many great times I had with family and friends.

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