Stop the clock.

I know people who are very organised, you might even be one yourself? You know the type, the ones who buy next years school uniforms the day their children get Summer holidays and Christmas presents as early as September. They have school books covered and lunch boxes purchased weeks before returning to school.

I number a few of these early planners among my friends, proving that old adage, ‘opposites attract,’ for I am indeed their polar opposite. I have heard rumours that school is to begin next week. There has also been mumblings about books and uniforms, not to mention the horror of hearing there is to be a return to swimming coaching, including 5 am starts within weeks. Some of those who have been speaking of the end of holidays have even done so with a smile!

As you can gather I am having none of it. This week I am firmly of the belief we are still enjoying our time off. No routine, no school, no appointments. However evidence of, ‘the end is nigh,’ is all around me. Giant posters in shop windows reminding me of ‘back to school’ bargains, friends speaking of starting dates and huge queues in book shops. I have tried not speaking with my friends and avoiding all shops but that’s not really practical, so I’ve had to take drastic action.

Tomorrow I am going on holidays!

Yes I am heading away to my heaven on earth, far away from the reality of next week. I am off to Allihies, West Cork, a place unchanged over the centuries. I’ve travelled a fair bit in my life but Allihies has seeped into my soul and is without doubt my favourite place on earth. There time will stand still and I will live in blissful ignorance of the Summer ever ending. See you all… whenever.

Allihies West Cork

Allihies, Beara. Here I come.


27 thoughts on “Stop the clock.

    1. It was all I’d wanted it to be Deb. The weather helped too as it was beautiful. Home now and I’m still not ready for Summer to end.

  1. Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday – and you’re right heading off at this time and avoiding the ‘back to school’ hype is definitely the best way to extend the summer!

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