Welcome to Paradise.

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us have our own special place on Earth, a place where we can go, either daily or once in a while, which washes over us a sense of peace we can find nowhere else.

I returned yesterday from my such a place. It’s a small town called Allihies, undiscovered by most, in Beara, West Cork, Ireland. Two days is all it IMG_2572takes for this magical place to erase the frantic pace of the world I usually inhabit and reset my clock. Within hours of arriving to this time capsule I can feel myself begin to relax, in a way I never do anywhere else, and my batteries begin to recharge.

Why wouldn’t they? Just look at this most magical place on earth. As I wander it’s hills I like to imagine the people who lived here through the ages. I am surrounded by silence, so quiet I stop many times to listen to it. My life, so important to me, is a grain in the sand compared to the history stored within the mountains which surround me. The busy world of technology and social media struggle to invade, overpowered by tranquility.

This magestic spot will outlast us all. I’m lucky to have briefly been part of it’s story.



IMG_2582 (1)



Allihies West Cork


31 thoughts on “Welcome to Paradise.

  1. That is a beautiful place! I can look at them and feel the peace and tranquility. Are the residents calm and laid back as their countryside?

    1. They work very hard there for a living and in many ways deserve this place to be better known as it would put more money in their pockets, but then the place would not be the tranquil spot I love.
      In the 1800s this place had a copper mine in it and was home to 1,500 people. The village was so overcrowded that most houses
      (which were small) were home to up to 25 people. The ruins of the copper mine engine houses are still there and are part and parcel of the scenery.

    1. Yes I agree there are places attached to different stages of my life. My childhood place was in Donegal which is very like Allihies.
      I’ve also had my bedroom, which was very much a haven on occasions.
      Where were your’s?

      1. Oh, goodness, mine sometimes haven’t been local, but have been places I have returned to….years ago it was the. mountains of North Wales. For a number of years more recently it was a small walled garden…but alas that’s not especially near now! But there’s usually somewhere!

        1. There is something special alright about the mountains or the sea.
          I also think, as you say, there is usually somewhere for all of us.

    1. Thanks, and it’s even more beautiful in real life. You cannot hear the silence or smell the fresh air, not to mention the number of stars visible at night.

  2. It was so lovely of you to share you haven with us…thanks and God bless. When I’m having a bit of a stress my go to place has always had something to do with water…a lake I lived near when I was a child, the stock pond on my grandparents dairy farm, and any large body of water, the atlantic, pacific and the gulf of mexico in fact right now in Florida I’m about an hour away from the Gulf though I don’t get there as often as I want we do have a little marina right near the house that will do in a pitch. God bless Tric and thanks again for showing all the beautiful areas of your haven. Have a great week and keep smiling. Kat

    1. Thanks for sharing your own place of peace Kat. Isn’t it amazing how for many of us, water features. There’s something very soothing about it, even if it’s a rough sea.

  3. I love these photos. They look so serene. I used to have this paradise type spot. My mom had a house that was a half mile from the beach. Her part of the beach was public, and not too far from a resort. It was super relaxing, because no one would show up for hours. It left my family memeber and I, with so much seclusion.

    Then it all fell apart. The landlords daughter wanted the house back. It still upset by this.lol

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