A brief message to my first true love.

Some of my earliest memories are of you, my first true love.

The times we spent together when I was a child, you building something or other, me sanding blocks of wood for no purpose but to be with you.

That time you rescued me from a race I wasn’t ready for.

Waking up for early morning training to find a tea bag in the cup, plate and knife ready for my toast, the bread beside the toaster, all done by you the night before.photo credit: Peter Werkman (www.peterwerkman.nl) via photopin cc

The two of us driving at 6 am on a Sunday morning. I a learner, you my teacher. What great chats we had.

Our shared loved of the English language.

The quiet way you calmed me, when I was an angry teen.

Those nights you came after me to give me a lift, when Mum said not to ask you.

The times I arrived home to find a small bunch of freesia in my bedroom, sometimes for no particular reason.

Your advice so kindly given, the gentleness of your voice, the kindness of your nature, the twinkle in your eye, the fun you brought to the house.

Today Dad as I watched my husband give a rose to each of our three girls I missed you so much. They say you never get over your first true love…I’d have to agree, for Dad I’ve never got over you.


My Dad died nearly thirty years ago of MND or ALS depending on where you live. We hadn’t the longest life together, but we packed it with many great memories before our long difficult goodbye. 

photo credit: Peter Werkman (www.peterwerkman.nl) via photopin cc
photo credit: CarbonNYC via photopin cc

31 thoughts on “A brief message to my first true love.

    1. Thank you. I was so missing him, but having written this I feel a lot better. It’s amazing how the years may be gone yet grief is always there.

    1. Thanks Michele. You could say I was having a bit of a moment. It’s been a good day and writing this post helped enormously as it gave a place to Dad in the day.

  1. What a touching tribute to your Dad, Tric. And a reminder than children remember the little gestures of affection….not the giant material items. Thank you. x

  2. Every father is,to his daughter, the strongest, the sweetest, the truest! I love my father too.. Reading your post made me feel like I should tell him many more times what he means to me! Thanks for sharing Tric!

  3. My Dad was my first love and always will be he is my hero and I miss him dreadfully the pain in my heart will never go away. We lost him in April 2014 after just one week in hospital, first time he had been in hospital as well. I love and miss him sooo much and my life has been in limbo ever since just waiting for him to come back. I send my love to all of you who have lost your Dad and hope we can get the strength from them to carry on. Thinking of you all.

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